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How has this dress with African prints come to this day?

The first glimpses of this garment date back to ancient times and not because of the style they are printed on, but because of its wide and loose structure. And we tell you this because in very archaic times it would be difficult for you to imagine someone wearing something so colorful and with a design where we see modernity pouring out, right?

They were African tribes, now extinct, of what makes up today’s West Africa (countries such as Liberia, Niger, Guinea Bissau, Togo or Benin), the first to use this type of loose attire as their main work overalls or as an extra complement to that overalls to perform the different functions attributed to them. Hence the meaning of the term “dashiki” as such, that in an African language called Yoruba that word means “shirt”, but in other African languages ​​such as Hausa, it has a purely adverb meaning: below

Yoruba speakers were inspired by the word dan ciki (which is the dashiki term in Hausa and with the meaning mentioned above), to add the s to the prefix dan, delete the c for the h and thus give it the meaning of what it is, a shirt and not an adverb of place. Can you imagine a loved one coming and saying this to you?: Hey, give me the one below. It sounds ugly, sooo ugly

Because the garment was almost never visible and was not used for fashion purposes, many of those belonging to the ethnic groups of this area of ​​Africa branded their work complement with a word that is neither a noun nor a proper name. They themselves claimed that the outfit could never be stamped with a particular nickname. So much so, that in order not to violate the norms of society, this loose attire was prohibited from being worn anywhere that was exempt from strictly labor purposes

For several decades of several centuries this purpose was present until the arrival of the 1960s: The irruption of a contemporary African print called “Angelina Print” and the exodus of many black people chained to work on American soil, marked a before and after and meant a definite turning point for this African outfit

Putting you in context, the nickname that we know today for this African trousseau combined with sketches of Angelina was recorded and approved by Jason Benning in 1967, founder of the clothing brand New Breed Clothing Ltd. This character became one of the first people to make this shirt known to the whole world, complemented with various prints, which until then was only known and used by black men and women

His company exported to many countries in South America and Europe; hence, it became known. As he was aware of this and as a black man that he was, he decided to mass-manufacture unisex dashiki-style t-shirts so that different areas around the world could have the possibility of having a different, unique and symbolic clothing model in their wardrobe

The embroidery of vertical and horizontal rectangles, of circles covered by seeds, by flowers, linear embroidery with and without sketches… each and every one of the prints and strokes that we see in this dress is caused by the influence of Angelina’s print, which had its definitive apogee in the 60s due to the social crisis between the white and black ethnic group in the US, the other reason why African dashiki went viral all over the planet

Between the mid-nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the southern United States experienced a period where different rights were established depending on the race from which they came. Black people, abolished into slavery and influenced by racist ideologies, led to the creation of a system of racial segregation in which white people established their supremacy over blacks

As a result, thousands of black people now known by the nickname “Afro-American” took to the streets to participate in the “Movement for civil rights in the United States,” a revolt whose sole purpose was to extend the full access to civil rights and equality before the law for groups that do not have them, in other words, that of definitively ending the discrimination suffered by African Americans at the time

It must be said that this fight is still in force these days. Without going any further, the murder of George Floyd in a cruel way at the hands of a white ethnic policeman, was one of those events that shocked the whole world, especially in the United States, in which for months in various states of the country there were severe riots and clashes between African Americans and agents

During this revolt that took place in the 1960s, many of these people of color who took to the streets wore that peculiar colorful and striking model as a means of exalting their rights and the important role that people of color adopted in society. in addition to the whites. Until this event, the entire black community had used this garment for decades, honoring all those tribes that were one day abused and exterminated dressed in it

The political vigor with which dashiki was initially used fell into the background in the late 1960s: from then on, it became popular among white ethnic groups, once again winning the battle against racist supremacy. Its attractive design caught the attention of many of them, and far from recognizing that it was a 100% African outfit, they themselves decided to seal it with American clothing brands so that it would be thought that the trousseau was originally and exclusively from American territory

Currently, people of black descent who dress in a dashiki-style outfit, it is a way of proclaiming the unbreakable union between the African continent and the diaspora of people of black descent to American soil, or a silent way of shouting to the world the motto “I am black and I am proud of it

What does the African dashiki represent according to the color that is printed on it?

Apparently asking yourself this question may not make much sense since these clothes always come in 2 ranges or more, depending on the model we are dealing with, but there is always a color dyed in a layer that is the most predominant and the one that stands out from the rest of layers

This is important, as it will reveal the context in which it would be ideal to port it. You, if you are one of those people who really wants to look according to the occasion, you should know what meaning each of the main shades of African dashikis that are carried in West Africa have meaning, and from here you will find out! These are the most outstanding ranges:

Gray African Dashiki

It is one of the classics that many guests at marriage ceremonies carry in various countries in this area of ​​Africa such as Guinea-Bissau, Benin or Ghana. In no case is a dashiki of a grayish range worn by the two quintessential kings of every wedding, who are, obviously, the groom and the bride

The reason why many guests to this ceremony decide to wear an African dashiki in a gray pigment, is that for them preening with this tonality culminates the icing on the elegance that every marital ceremony should have: Starting first with the bride and groom, who go in white, second in the area where they get married, a church, and third those attending the ceremony, many of them wear gray and others of a different color

It makes sense, since they understand that wearing an African seal garment in gray denotes seriousness, formality and knowing how to be, expressivities very akin to an event like this. This dashiki look is rarely worn in more informal places such as the coast or on the streets

White African Dashiki

What would life be like without the presence of this minimalist yet clean color? Anyone living in the western part of the African continent must think the same. And it is another one of those ranges that cannot be missing in any event and whatever the circumstance, it is luxurious

In countries like Liberia or Sierra Leone, it is not strange that we see the bride and groom dressed in their dashikis suits in shades of white. Wearing this tonality makes them have a clear conscience that they are in front of the pigment that really rejects and disappears all evil and suffering, in addition to being the antithesis of black

Since always, and with them it could not be an exception (the inhabitants of this region of Africa), the white was associated and associates links that bring closer to the spiritual, to purity, to virginity, to integrity, to honesty, to union and peace, expressivities closely related to any religious ritual present in a conjugal event before the fiancé and the fiancée say yes I do, and the corresponding and beautiful kiss

Black African Dashiki

In one of the paragraphs above we point out that white is yes or yes the most differentiated and contrasted color from black. And it is that for the Africans of the western part of the continent, white is in charge of counteracting everything dark, evil and bad luck, terms closely associated with the black look

This colorful dashiki black is worn for the sole purpose of mourning (an expressiveness closely associated with black in various countries around the world) to a sadly deceased loved one in countries such as Togo, Nigeria or Gambia. In fact, in more than one country in this area, it is considered a lack of respect and it is not well seen to wear this tonality in any area that is not strictly of a wake nature

They can’t say the same very well-known African tribes in the continent such as the “Masai”, who have ideologies that clash culturally with the rest of the residents of these countries and associate this tonality with good luck, happiness, strength or survival. As a peculiar fact, they never fixed, fix and will fix with an African dashiki in a black hue given their ancestral customs

Blue African Dashiki

This semblance is carried in the countries that border the Atlantic Ocean (Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria, etc.) but, especially, by the paradisiacal islands that make up Cape VerdeIts proximity to the waters of this ocean explains why many people from this archipelago and other territories decide to wear their dashiki in blue

And it is that for them, being close to calm waters and, in turn, carrying this look on them, are the 2 perfect conjunctions to provide a feeling of tranquility, peace, protection, harmony, good luck and health. pleasant. In some ways, they are connotations very on par with what blue represents all over the world

This pigment is usually carried for any field but especially in situations of an informal nature such as in the typical markets of these areas of the world. They consider that it is a “very youthful” color to wear it in something of a more serious nature such as going to vote for their new president or a theater

Yellow African Dashiki

Since it is one of the easiest colors to perceive and distinguish from the human eye (if not the most), together with the high contrast that it forms with the dark skin of men, women and children in these areas, there are many who are encouraged to dress up with a dashiki in a yellow hue

All this motivated by a reason only of social status, and that is that for them, wearing this color shows the privilege they enjoy and not everyone can enjoy: wealth, abundance or fortune are some of the expressivities that they associate with the yellow. It is usually carried in the richest areas such as Senegal, Nigeria or Togo

So if you are motivated just for this reason, when do you like to show them off? In formal class situations such as a date or as a wedding guest. In a pleasant and pleasant moment such as a date, and we refer to the romantic and to men, wearing a pigment like this close to their skin makes them feel sure of themselves

Purple African Dashiki

Women also play a very important role in these regions and, of course, all over the world, and all the ranges mentioned except for the latter, which is carried entirely by men, are also carried by them

The reason why we place a special emphasis on them is that this color is adorned strictly by every woman, and more specifically, by royal ladies. I guess you know what we mean by “real” right? A certain Leticia from Spain, for example. Search it on Google and you will clear all doubts 😉

For them this is the symbol of female African royalty. Let’s say that yellow could be considered as the symbol of male African royalty and since men and women are different, starting from the shape of the body to their ideas, in no case can women wear a beige dashiki or men a dashiki in purple hue

What types of African Dashikis for Women do we find for sale in today’s market?

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Unisex dashiki jackets

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Dashiki blouses for women

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Dashiki dresses for women Free Market

If the women of Latin American countries stand out for something, it is because of their unique and distinctive way of dressing. You, like a lady that you are and the class that you have, one more of the many present in those countries, you want to differentiate yourself even more and that is to be admired, to praise, that we drool, we will say it very soon, you don’t even have one of those dresses that you appreciate having in your wardrobe

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Long sleeveless dashiki dresses for women from Free Market

Short size sleeveless dashiki dresses for women from Free Market

Short-sleeved, long-size dashiki dresses for women from Free Market

Short size dashiki dresses for women from Free Market

Short-size and long-sleeved dashiki dresses for women from Free Market

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Dashiki kimonos or kaftans for women Etsy

One of the sections with the most models and the largest stock of the Etsy online store! You will not have excuses not to dress in the Japanese style, those kimonos so characteristic that they wear in places like Tokyo. But beware, you will not wear a kimono as such but, as expected, you will wear it with African dashiki prints

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Dashiki handbags for women Free Market

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Dashiki dresses for women

Are you tired of always dressing up in the same dresses? Are you looking to give a radical turn to your look? Or do you just want to highlight your figure with a gorgeous feminine dashiki dress?

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The inventory of women’s dresses with dashiki prints are classified according to the type of fabric they present, from tighter to more excess , the type of sleeve , a more or less elongated petticoat , a more extensive or thin fabric on the shoulders, in V-type or round necks , etc. All of them are made with different types of African prints, in different ranges of colors and with the best possible layers.

Some of the dashiki dresses available on our website differ by having a short skirt , ideal to be worn in warmer seasons or in a longer skirt , suitable to be worn at a party or on days with more adverse weather.

Another detail that differentiates these feminine outfits is its sleeve . We find them from a more common style to looser sleeves in a different shade of the garment , as for an example in a white . If you like the most daring and sexy styles , we also have dashiki dresses available with or without a slit to highlight your cleavage.

It will not be due to lack of clothing, of that we are very sure … Any dress you want will be adapted to your requirements and all this super easy, thanks to the fact that you can buy them directly on our website

African Dashikis T-shirts for Women V Neck Long Size

These dashiki shirts are unisex , which means that they are suitable to be worn by both genders. We have them available in various stores. In the case of women, they are not available in loose fit, although dresses like below are available . What female models stand out in this segment? One of them is the women’s dashiki t-shirts from the Lofbaz brand:

African Dashiki T-shirt in Purple for Women V Neck Long Size

It has rectangular and trim lines, patterned inside, sleeves, on the sides, at the lower end and the V . How are the patterns and the tonality printed on each of them? The round of the neck that borders the v outline, has two curved lines in an orange layer, with triangular sketches looking up and down, and species of seeds inside in white. Small leaves in white tones also appear in one of the corners of the polygons.

The rectangles printed inside the V have green, orange, white rhomboidal figures on a black textile, a series of golden Vs in white layers, another diamond pattern more in the floral style in yellow tones and the curved lines in black on a layer. Orange

The V is covered by two types of linear lines: one in dots on a uniform black pigment and another line in double tonality, with a central yellow line and orange lines on both sides. The seeds and a group of flowers are in gray surrounded by a black and white line, and another group of flowers in black on top of white dots. The petals are yellow and white

The trims on the sleeves, the sides and the part that adjoins the hips are not at all different from what we see in the male sector: different linear outlines both in size and pattern, all present in shades that tend to yellow. , green, orange and white

Everything discussed in depth here will be the same as the following models, with some particularities in some of their patterns and, of course, in the tones used.

African dashiki t-shirt in yellow for women long size v neck

The first difference in the yellow dashiki shirts for women with a V-neck of long sizes is found in the trim on the neck: We went from having triangles to squares, separated from each other by a black line, and for being constituted by small petals of white colors

The rectangular patterns change from golden tones to bluish tones and the lines covered by the V do not change, except for two, which change to bluish tones . The dot patterns on one of these stripes change from shades of green-white to blue-white

The flowers are dyed in dark green and black colors over little black and white dots, accompanied by blue and white leaves . The trims on both sleeves and the sides of the outfit change to bluish and white shades

White-Blue African Dashiki T-Shirt For Women V Neck Long Size

The neck trims stand out against the soft layer of this Lofbaz feminine dashiki model due to the dual pink-light blue duality present in the V-print. This range is in one of the V- shaped lines. We have another subtle stripe in light blue. The trim on the neck changes pink tones, keeping the leaves in white

The rectangular patterns become of colorful blue and pink. As for the flowers , a few of them are in light pink tones with black strokes and the same are on a solid black layer , with white dots inside. The same goes for the nuggets: light pink on a slight black outline

The trims on the sleeves change to light blue, pink, white and black tones, preserving the print style of previous models at all times.

African Dashiki T-shirt in Black-Gold for Women V Neck Long Size

This feminine dashiki attire comes from the sole and exclusive hand of Culture Royals, a well-known seller in various online stores. It stands out for its beautiful duality of colors: prints in gold and orange colors on a uniform and showy black cape.

This model is seen a lot in the female sector. How are each of the prints dyed? The kinds of patterns do not change at all. We continue to have rectangular and linear prints, with textile stitching in black, orange, gold and white.

Inside them, those small black and orange dots are still intact in some of the strokes, quadrilateral figures, petals in gold and white colors, and groups of brown flowers with white dots inside and another group of black flowers with white dots.

Burgundy African Dashiki T-Shirt For Women V Neck Long Size

One of the clearest differences of this model with respect to the previous ones is that in the lower corners of the African female garment we find two pink circles at an angle of 90ºC , with floral patterns around them in black bluish tones.

Speaking more in depth of this circular outline, it has stems in greenish and white tones, and blue seeds with white points and separated from the outside by a black line.

The same floral print will be covered with the figure in a peak. The linear sketches that give shape to this print, one of them is present in a dark gray tone . Meanwhile, the trim of the neck is made in a pink tone, where the white fronds could not be missing.

African Dashiki T-Shirt In Orange For Women V Neck Long Size

This model has the characteristic hallmark of Fityle and stands out from the rest of its segment by presenting a variant in the trims on the sides of the fabric: a print with a robust black layer and outstanding yarns in greenish tones in a horizontal arrangement, and looking at each other. the other

It also has two circles in purple covered by an assortment of floral sketches, after the black cape and the prints of vertical lines and rectangles. These trims are present in cream, white, green and black colors . The patterns of the peak looking down are of the same class and their appearances are in the same range that we mentioned above. The neck trim is in navy blue, similar to the V-shaped print on the V

The series of flowers cover in two tones: gray and black . All of them are covered by a thin black line and inside these buds, we have the famous lines in super small circles in white tones. The seeds from which the flower stalks come are dyed gray and the petals are green, accompanied by smaller ones in whitish colors.

African Dashiki T-Shirt In Royal Pink For Women V Neck Long Size

The trims at the bottom end and on the sleeves are similar to that of the purple range both in the type of printed pattern, as well as the tonality used for said pattern. The peculiarities are found in the tonality of the peak of the V, in that it does not have that slight edge on the neck (which others do have), some of the lines that cover the plummeting figure and the small leaves of the flower.

The patterns inside the V are not different in terms of the type of outline, but they are different in tonality, tending to dark magentas and pinks . In the vertical rectangular sketches, the only one that changes in tonality are the rhombus figures, which also tend to various shades of pink. So does the double pigment squares that are located within the lines that form the V: in black and pink

The leaves of the flower are in greenish seams but not the small ones, which only have a slight black trace and their cape is the same color as the main fabric of the outfit . As always, the flowers are followed first in a light pink, then another more intense pink and so on

African Dashiki T-Shirt In Sky Blue For Women V Neck Long Size

Its intense blue present in the cape together with the contrast that it provokes with the ornaments of the short sleeves, both sides and the bottom, make this model one of the most beautiful. It stands out for being a garment that uses a multitude of colors: yellow, green, white, red, black, white and gray.

The inside of the V line has two pointed lines with red and yellow lines, with yellow in the center and red on both sides. Another black line with red and white dots. A fine line in green. Rhomboid prints in black and white. We could not forget the small red V-shaped peak, present in the central upper part of the main outline

The patterns used on the sides and sleeves do not vary except for the shades of some patterns, which are present in dark greens that tend to brown. The seeds are gray in color and the black line is barely visible, while the buds are still green and the smallest buds are white. From here it gives rise to the classic floral painting, some of them in light gray and others in black, covered inside by white lines

African Dashiki T-Shirt In Green For Women V Neck Long Size

The great peculiarity in this effeminate range of dashiki is the color in which part of the floral patterns and the seeds that adjoin the stems are dyed: a rough blue pigment on a black line

The rest? As usual. The uncommented flowers are colored black, having a greyish outline inside them . One of the vertical rectangular patterns are diamonds in black, white and green. This model does have a slight edging on the neck, this being orange and covered by small white leaves. The peak print layer that culminates in the V is in orange, the interior sketches being the same as those found in other models

The flower petals have yellow layers and another more measured layer in green, giving the leaves a beautiful duality of colors. The small white leaves that adjoin the larger buds are still present. Finally, the seams of the sides and sleeves are of the same class, exposed in turn by golden tones such as yellow and green, and darker ones such as orange and black.

Blue Heart Print African Dashiki T-Shirt For Women Long Size V Neck

Unique in its segment! Lofbaz was not going to be monotonous when it came to giving a good look at all his available t-shirt models. That is why it launched to sell a range that differentiates it from the rest, printed with a not very pronounced V neck, followed by a figure, whose peak of the print located higher, gives that characteristic shape that every woman knows: the heart ❤️

The tones used in each of its sketches include slightly dark blue, this being the predominant one, since it is the tone by which the garment is woven. The V follows from the inside to the outside: the first peaked line is in a light blue hue, with small leaves and dots in green, and other triangles in dark blue, looking upwards and vertically, slightly inclined. After a fine black trace, we have seeds with a solid black layer , in turn coated by white and a curved outline in green

After another thicker black line, we have figures of various types, one more circular, others more in the shape of an orbit, all dyed in pink and some of them printed with light blue outlines . Next, another sketch of 3 different layers follows : one in green with a black outline, another in uniform green and another in navy blue.

The V-print ends with an infinity of sketches of small pink hearts, inclined one to the left and others to the right, the hearts always being straight and not the other way around . All this is culminated by another sketch that looks like a kind of hanger. This pattern is fenced through curved lines, and in each of the curved corners we have printed in intense pink what appears to be small speakers

The structure that follows the pattern located above, both in the class of patterns discussed, as well as in the tonalities dyed in the layers of the patterns and in the internal sketches of each of these, is the same as that of the heart sketch

The edges of the sleeves have among drawings to highlight: triangles, rhombuses, squashed circles and semicircles with seeds , with the same textile overtones that we recently mentioned.

African dashikis sweatshirts for women short size long sleeve hooded

As with the men’s range, in the women’s section we also have a wide range of sweatshirts of all kinds available. In this case, the patterns used and the shades are the same since they have the unisex seal, and are valid for both men and women. What are some of the colors most demanded by women in these prototypes?

African dashiki sweatshirt in green for women short size long sleeve hoodie

One of the quintessential colors among women. It has 3 different trims: 3 circumferences, with one in the center and two on the long sleeves, with pointed protrusions. One of them is vertically arranged on the neck and horizontally arranged on the sleeves.

The circumference has 3 different overlays: a black line with gold outlines, a pattern with gold-toned rectangles and white seeds. It also includes two red circles at the corners of the garment, with floral prints in green and pink . The flower petals have yellow and orange overtones

The bottom end trims, right in the area that adjoins the pockets of the women’s green dashiki sweatshirt, are tinted in shades of black, green and orange . The patterns used are the same as those we have seen

African dashiki sweatshirt in red for women short size long sleeve hoodie

This model has two clear differences with respect to the previous one: The first is the slightly different coating used on the circumference with sharp protrusion and the second is the presence of the floral print in the outline of the center, on the sleeves and in the corners of the outfit.

The circumferences are dyed in a blue hue and the rectangular trims are still in golden tones except for one of them, present in bluish tones. Before we get to the nuggets, we have a rectilinear coating in light blue located right in the center of the print. Its nuggets are green and surrounded by a black line

The flowers are green and black, the green ones being surrounded by a black line and the black ones by a green line. Unlike the previous model, the leaves here are in the same tonality but the orange tone prevails more than the yellow

African dashiki sweatshirt in black for women short size long sleeve hoodie

The pattern used in this model is the same as the previous one, the flowers and their corresponding leaves being dyed in a different pigment . This time the circles are in colorful reds, the vertical horizontal decorations in greenish and brown tones, and some nuggets surrounded at the same time in white with a small sketch in the nucleus of each one of them.

The particularity lies in one of the patterns that give shape to that sober V: a white line from which fine lines emerge on both sides. The flowers are black and white, the black ones being covered by a green line. The petals are in yellow and orange colors again, the yellow tone predominates more than the orange

The trims at the bottom are more minimalist, as we only see the use of 2 patterns and not many at the same time, as with the two previous models. The predominant shades here are orange, white and black

African dashiki sweatshirts in blue for women short size long sleeve hoodie

We go back to having more striking and extravagant trims, since it uses more than two prints. Before telling you about this particularity, in this range we have circumferences in pink tones, vertical rectangular patterns that tend to lighter and stronger pinks, and one of the lines that stands out from the rest because it is green.

The flowers here are dark brown, complemented some of them in orange lines and the other in white lines . Its seeds are orange, also surrounded by a slight black outline

And the ornament at the end end went from having 2 to 3 patterns: a floral in pink, a rhomboid in green and black, and another in a black and white “x” design.

African dashiki sweatshirts in orange for women short size long sleeve hooded

In this model, the circumferences tend to be more reddish than pink. The linear and rectangular patterns that shape the V are present in green and brown tones

The seeds of the floral project are slightly outlined in a dull orange and are surrounded by a black line on a showy white layer. The petals of the buds are dominated by a brown line, all of which have a slight golden glow. The flowers stand out for their range in dark brown and lighter, some of them surrounded by a white line and others in a whitish color.

The decorations in the sweatshirt pocket area are of the same class except for one of the shades, which tend to dark browns.

African dashikis sweatshirts for women long size and short sleeve hooded

This range is sold entirely by two brands that could not ignore: CultureRoyals and Lofbaz. They are available in several reputable online stores and are one of the most demanded models in the female sector due to their comfort, their lightness and their unique hood design. These are the shades available in this female African dress model:

African dashiki sweatshirt in purple-black for women long size and short sleeve hoodie

These garments vary in the trims used on the sleeves, becoming prints of horizontal lines and vertical rectangles. All this is printed in greenish, white and black tones, with a kind of pattern that you already have more than just sight.

The hood of the sweatshirt is also dyed by this kind of pattern. Going to the area that borders the neck, the V-edging has the particularity that it uses a gradient print, having on both sides the hue in orange and the center in green

The seeds are made with seams in grayish tones and the petals are in a greenish tone, with small leaves in blue and a series of printed floral designs in black and grayish colors. On the layer of this sketch, you have the extra addition of small blank dot drawings. This range does have pockets on both sides , as if it were a jacket. The patterns used here are of the same class as the sleeves and hood

African dashiki sweatshirt in white-purple for women long size short sleeve hoodie

This model differs from the previously seen one by the absence of pockets on its sides and by the inclusion of two circular sketches in the left and right corners of the lower part of the garment.

These sketches are dyed in a purple blue color and in the interior prints of the peak finish, right there that rectangle is in a pink tone. The seeds of the blossoms are tinted a lighter pink, accompanied by outlines of dots in a vertical arrangement right in the center

The petals have a pink layer and inside each one of them they have purple outlines while the flowers have dark pink colored layers and others in black . Finally, the rectangular prints at the bottom end and on the sleeves remain intact except for one, with two vertical stripe lines that do not follow a uniformity.

African dashiki sweatshirt in green for women long size short sleeve hoodie

This model stands out for the high contrast of tonality between the petals of the flower and the flowers, for the color of the circumference, which becomes a striking orange, and the shades of the edges that adjoin the arms and the legs, turning into green, yellow and orange tones

Above the plunge center print, we have a small size V in orange. The liners below are similar to those seen on previous models. Taking our eyes to the seeds and flowers, the tonality used is striking:

In the seeds and a quan of flowers, they have layers in pink with a slight white line . In turn, right in the center of these two outlines are the petals, available in yellow pigments with a slight glow of green inside . This pattern is culminated by other leaves of a more moderate size in white and another group of buds in black.

African Dashiki Sweatshirt In Sky Blue For Women Long Size Short Sleeve Hoodie

The tuning of the pattern printed on this model along with the previous one are like two drops of water, making an incision in the color of the circumference, the slight v-edging of the peaked outline and one of the colors of the flowers, which becomes be a kind of light cream color

The roundel and the small ornament with the pointed tip turn to a red hue, covered by floral paintings in a black hue as well. From them, the seeds stand out in a soft cream color and both outlines, both the flowers and the seeds that use this tonality, have white outlines in the form of points.

The ranges used in the fronds of the stems are not far from what we have seen, being made on radiant layers of greenish tones and with an extra seam in a subtle orange inside them.

African dashikis jackets or blazers for women without hood

There are several vendors who offer us this African female archetype: Targogo, Betrothales and Bolawoo. Each of them give us a selection of jackets of up to 6 different colors, which we will tell you in detail below:

Women’s African Dashiki Blue Jacket or Blazer Without Hood

The style of printing used does not differ in anything from what we have seen so far. Consisting of a central V print, surrounded by various sketches of different sizes and types, culminated by the floral print that covers each of the flowers and seeds, the edges of the sleeves, the area under the pockets and the circumferences from both corners below

That said, we see the layer of this model in blue contrasted by rectangular patterns of light blue and red tones, two similar patterns with light lines on both sides, one being green and the other white, then the black layer line complemented by white outlines. small dots

Finally reaching the seeds, painted brown and joined by a restrained line in orange. The flowers are in orange and gray colors , and both are joined by a stroke of white. Something that does not happen in the petals , where we have them present in white pigments with small blue outlines inside

The trims below are radiant in shades of black, green, white and black. Its print style is similar to that seen in other models of the female segment. And what peculiarity do we find in the sleeves? A kind of flattened diamond with a black layer and a curved outline in blue. The accompaniments to this print are similar to what has already been seen

African dashiki womens orange jacket or blazer without hood

Due to the color of the garment, the tones used in each of the patterns vary to slightly warmer tones than the model mentioned above: We now have shades that throw dark browns and contrasting greens

The lines that have small horizontal lines inside the pointed end, have one of them in green and the other in orange. The vertical rectangular patterns start from very light green tones to dark brown tones. The flattened rhombus on the sleeves has more pronounced patterns, having a black cape outline in the center of small dimensions and surrounded by the same pattern as the V-neck.

This is the seeds, which are in strong brown tones, surrounded in turn by a black line and each one of them on top of a white layer. The flowers, which also use very opaque browns and lines of said silhouette in orange and, of course, the leaves cannot be missed , drawn in black with golden and brown outlines of small leaves inside

African dashiki womens burgundy jacket or blazer without hood

In this range, the shades of the patterns vary completely: from the V finish to the ornaments under the pouches . In addition, it has the peculiarity of not having a floral print

The circumference of the central outline is present in a red color, two of its lines are black with small drawings of squares and super small circles inside, the first being in green and the second in white, the vertical stripes that follow the silhouette of the V crossed out by horizontal stripes, one of them is in a blue tone, finally reaching the seeds, which are triple-toned: black, cyans and white

We tell you that the flowers were not present in the peak pattern, but they were present on the sides, covering the circumferences of both sides. The shades used are green and cyan. The figures on the sleeves have the same coating and tonality seen here and the trims at the lower end tend to golden colors, where the black cape also echoes presence in each of the drawings.

Women’s African Dashiki Pink Jacket or Blazer without Hood

In this model we return to more opaque colors and with the particularity of the petals of the floral print, which are dyed with a uniform pigment

The circumference and one of the rectangular prints in a vertical arrangement is present in a purple tone . The rest is accompanied by green rectangles and a light green neck trim, with a sober black cape and triangular lines. The two lines crossed out by horizontal lines are one of them in gray and the other in light green

The seeds are colored with a black layer and combined at the same time by a green line. The area of ​​the floral print has greenish and orange tones surrounded by a black line and some leaves that stand out, present in light green tones, darker and small brushstrokes in purple

Black African dashiki jacket or blazer for women without hood

Oranges, greens, light greens and whites, shades that could not go unnoticed if we refer to a color as striking as black and if the color of the outfit is really intended to be highlighted on each of the patterns

We have two circumferences on the sides of the garment, in a red color and surrounded by various strokes until we reach the floral designs, which we will comment on later. The vertical rectangles are red and are joined by small figures in their interior in very light green tones

The seeds have a double layer printed in black and white and the flowers are present in green and white ranges, without traces around them . The flattened diamonds on both sleeves have the same kind of tonality mentioned above, with the peculiarity that they have spiral-shaped figures on a sober brown cape in the peak finishes . In the decorations at the lower end, there are two colors that stand out especially: white, green and red.

African dashiki womens purple jacket or blazer without hood

The peculiarity of this model is found in the lower part of the women’s dashiki jacket: it does not have vertical rectangle-shaped piping. It only includes the succession of triangular sketches looking at one of them to the left, and others to the right.

The circumference of the pointed boss circle print is in visor red. The accompaniments used here are traced to those seen, only that they vary in the tones used. An example of this is the perpendicular crossed out by horizontal stripes, which this time is presented in a white color

The seeds are found in black textile seams, associated in turn by two white lines, one of a more restrained size and the other of less restrained dimensions. As for the flowers and their petals, we have the outline of flowers in light blue and oranges, complemented by small radial sketches of both tones and on a solid black layer.

The petals have 3 colors combined: green, white and black . Another particularity that you should know is the presence of flowers horizontally, looking at each other, with the same tonality mentioned above and which is right in the lower central part

African dashikis short dresses with sleeves for women

In this range there are two types of dresses: those with sleeves and those without . Although the difference between the short and long female dashiki dress is not far off, we have decided to differentiate these models according to whether it is at the height of the groin (shorts) or in the area near the knee (long). Let’s go with those that are between the hip and the groin:

African dashiki short dress in blue with sleeves for women

With the stamp of Keepmore or Keephen , this womanly African dress stands out for its simplicity and minimalism . The pattern used is the already seen V-neck finish, but with the particularity that it is more pronounced than normal, reaching the navel.

It has embroidery on the ends of the sleeve, on the left and right side of the peak of the V and another embroidery at the end of the fabric of the dress . The peak finish draws attention due to the seam tonality used, which tends to be red, orange and green, with a type of pattern that is nothing out of the ordinary: rhomboid, rectangular, linear designs, etc.

The seeds are in a saturated red and colored by a black line. Then the petals, which tend to orange colors and have red radials , and a coating that separates it from the blue layer of the garment in a showy black line, echoes of presence . We have the flowers in red and orange colors, covered by a subtle white stroke

We still have the trims on the sides, sleeves and the lower end, whose design stands out for having vertical and horizontal lines with sketches inside, and other finishes of figures similar to what we have seen in other models of the female segment

African dashiki short dress in purple with sleeves for women

In this model the patterns vary to more golden and yellowish tones The vertical rectangular patterns are followed by green and black pigments, with some familiar sketches. The stripes that follow the silhouette of the peak finish still have dotted outlines, as in the previous model

The nuggets have an opaque white finish and are surrounded by a light black line. Some leaves dyed in green and black colors , all surrounded by another outline in black, until reaching the pinnacle of this pattern: the flowers. All of them are present in orange tones combined by a line of white gamut

The shades printed in the embroidery on the sleeves, on the lower left and right side, and on the bottom end of the garment, are mixed between black, green, white and orange.

Short sleeveless african dashikis dresses for women

The models to comment are not too wide with respect to others more in demand such as unisex t-shirts, but you have to know that we are segmenting you as specifically as possible so that you buy just what you want

In this range, two models stand out, one that is very “short-rabi” , being slightly lower than the intimate areas of the woman, and the other slightly longer, being slightly more than half of the quadriceps.

African dashiki short dress in black sleeveless for women

This archetype of feminine dashiki has 3 very different parts: the shoulder sleeves that shape the silhouette of your torso and noticeable presence to the neckline, the bodice of the dress as such and the petticoats.

The embroidery on the shoulder sleeves are in rhomboid and rectangular designs, dyed in red and orange tones . The design printed on the blouse has the peculiarity that the sketch used is the already well-known hoop with a pointed protrusion, but this time the hoop is more cut than half, which differentiates it from its segment.

It has circumferences surrounded by a floral print on both sides of the petticoats and, of course, with embroidery at the bottom of the skirt. These circles are also red and here the seeds are of a different color from the V finish : black shades with white lines. Which does not happen in the flowers of both this pattern and the other

The sketch in the center is the usual: designs of stripes and rectangles predisposed vertically, some seeds that vary in purple tones and some flowers dyed some of them in green and others in orange. The predominant color in the petals is orange, with slight black outlines in its interior of small leaves . We culminate with colors in green, orange, black and white in the trims of the area of ​​the feminine garment that adjoins the knees

African dashiki short dress in red sleeveless for women

This particular model is one of the most unique in its segment as it uses more of a pattern than the classic V-neck on the neck, the circles on the sides, and the embroideries at the bottom of the skirt: a circular design with raised knobs. left and right in a v cut in half at 180ºC, just below the ribs at the lower end that adjoins the groin

This silhouette has 4 types of different patterns: the uniform color in blue of the semi-roundel, two lines with circles inside with a green layer and a black line, two lines that follow the shape of the silhouette with a succession of vertical lines in its interior in shades of light blue-light green and blue, and rectangular patterns not vertically as in the V, but horizontally

The rectangles in blue that we see here are similar to those we see in the center print and the one that tends to fire colors, in the V it is in a diamond finish, while here it is in a radial finish. This drawing is printed between two horizontal linear type prints that we have already seen ad nauseam in many ranges of the segment. The circumferences of almost in the lateral zone of the garment are made with blue seams, with a tonality of seeds similar to the one we see in the V sketch: white line with a solid layer of navy blue

There are two things that we have not told you yet: the first is that the circle print of the curved area of ​​the semi-circle silhouette is present in the embroidery on the neck. The second is that the pointed print in the center does not have floral prints, which the rounded sides do have.

These flowers are painted in a solid black layer and differentiated by green and purple strokes . Its petals are green and light blue, the flowers having small green leaves of red and the light blue ones with fine gradients of green. The trims of the navel area between shades of orange, dark blue and black, with a type of pattern of polygons and squares with curved corners

Long African Dashikis Dresses with Sleeves for Women

Numerous stores with which we collaborate offer us these specific models of this African silhouette. The first of them is the one that the Yiqi brand brings us , differentiated by having 4 circular outlines, one more circle with an opening in the central area below and 2 embroideries in the center of the garment and the petticoat.

Other brands such as Overdose stands out for having a V-shaped sketch with larger rectangles and floral prints and with trims at the lower end of the petticoats or Yuncai, which has a long-size dress with a V- neck, ideal to show off a neckline, and another dress without a V-neck. Let’s go with the Yiqi African trousseau catalog:

African dashiki long dress in blue with sleeves for women

In line with the models seen so far, this prototype has variants of stamping on the sleeves and the covering of the sketches located in the chest area (for all colors, not just this one in particular)

The floral print that covers the two upper circles have a larger dimension than normal, dyed in a deep pink and without any trace around it . The circles below and their nuggets uses two layer tones: white and pink. Inside it there is a line that rises and descends slightly, tinted in white and that follows the silhouette of the circle. Further down and surpassing similar sketches used in other models that we have discussed in detail, we arrive at the outline in the circumference peak , which is also pink

It has 4 types of coating: two stripes, one in black and the other in pink, with sketches of gold and white dots, a slight white stroke just in the part that borders the pink uniform color, vertical rectangular patterns, being the curved printed in a light green pigment with silhouettes of triangles inclined up and down successively and the other rectangles in pink, and some black seeds surrounded by a white stroke

The circles on the sides and their seeds are of the same tone mentioned above and the borders just below these 2 sketches are present in red, light green and blue tones, with a kind of pattern that is not far from the seen: designs rhomboid and small squares. You have to know what tonality lacks petals

We go with the 2nd great particularity of this garment. This is present on their sleeves, using at the beginning of everything, on the shoulder, a light stroke with successive rounds that highlights the pattern that we will tell you below. Just if we look below, on both sleeves we have sketches similar to what we see right at the heart of the garment: the circular print with a pointed protrusion

It has the same appearances and the same kind of pattern. Right at the end of the sleeve it has the classic embroidery already seen in other models and on the left and right sides, depending on the sleeve that we are looking at, it has radial sketches with the same pigment and pattern of seeds and flowers present in the upper center of the outfit

African dashiki long dress in gold with sleeves for women

In this model, the petals are printed in light green and red pigments. Since the tonality of the cape varies, so does that of its patterns: We have the circumferences present in red layers The line with points looking up and down is still white, which also happens with the seeds, which are colored with a uniform layer in black and combined by a white that follows the silhouette of the same

The central embroidery located between the upper and lower patterns and the lower embroidery located above the two rectilinear sketches, do not change in tone or pattern used. What does change are the ranges of vertical rectangular outlines of the V silhouette with a round core, and the color of the flowers.

The flowers are free of lines that cover it and the layers used are red and black, while in the rectangle prints, they vary to less light green and dark brown

African dashiki maxi dress in purple with sleeves for women

This model is the only one that presents these three differences that you will discover below: the first of them is in the embroidery, which changes tonality and especially the type of pattern, the lack of small and united seeds, for others less united and larger. , in the 2 circular sketches at the top and the 2 in the corner, and the protruding peak of the V, which continues as a less straight line and more curved than usual. Aaaa… and a fourth difference!

It is the only one of this brand that is covered with a floral print in the circular outline of the beak just above the seeds . The flowers are made up of greenish and black shades , both with successions of white dots inside , with the largest leaves in light green and the smallest in white.

The nuggets are characterized by being longer and thinner than normal. They have a black cape with white vertically dotted outlines. Its 2 uppermost circumferences are of an intense red and reaching the central embroidery area, it stands out for having 3 different patterns: one of 5 vertical stripes, with light green, black and brown tones, I just have diamonds in a horizontal arrangement with layers black and white, and another 2 rhombus outlines but this time vertically with layers in cream and dark brown

The circumference with its corresponding smaller protrusion of the central outline is tinted red. The curved stroke that follows the outline of this circle ranges from triangular patterns to light green drop patterns on top of a solid brown layer. Right between the smaller peak sketch and this print, we have another thick line in a dark brown

The seeds do not change at all, where pink and black flowers adjoin and green petals, with pink outlines inside them. This print is similar to what we see on both sleeves of the garment and does not have circular outlines with flower prints on the side of both sleeves.

African dashiki long dress in red with sleeves for women

This feminine and the last range is similar to the first 2 models in terms of their patterns, but not to the shades printed on each one of them. The first thing that changes is the color of the buds: a sober dark brown without being surrounded by a fine or thick line

The petals are divided into light greenish and brown colors , both surrounded by a black line. The hoops of the upper part of the costume are in a dark red hue , covered in turn by a light line that follows the outline of the sketch and some seeds, also in reddish colors , both surrounded by a fine line in white

The rectangular embroideries in the center of the garment and in the center of the skirt are similar in terms of tones and patterns used in the first 2 models discussed in this section. The circular V pattern has a uniform dark brown layer in the core and vertical rectangular cladding in slightly lighter greenish and brown tones, with interior silhouettes also similar to those of the first prototypes discussed. The seeds here are the same as the 2 circles above. This model does have circular outlines on the side of both sleeves

African dashiki maxi dress in pink with sleeves for women

Due to the pink color printed on the fabric of the dress, some of the pigments of its pattern vary: the first of them are the flowers, which change to green colors, all the circular outlines become blue and one of the rectangular patterns vertically from the V silhouette they change from brown to red

In the trims we keep the same kind of pattern and tonality except for one of them, which goes from a slightly more yellowish color to something more greenish. The vertical rectangles of the peak and the curved outline that adjoins the core of the print continue to maintain the same tints, except for that rectangle that we mentioned.

The seeds here are made with intense pink seams , the outline around them is the same both in size and color used, and the flowers, in addition to being green, are also in a not very rough and somewhat opaque black. Its petals present, on the one hand, the contrast formed by a batch of uniform leaves in white and, on the other hand, another batch in triple layer of shades: green, brown and black

African dashiki maxi dress in black with sleeves for women

The triple tonality used in the seam of the garment makes this model one of the best glitters in the segment. The conjunction of colors to which we refer are black, beige and pink . This range of African attire differs from the rest by the presence of petals in a group of flowers while in others not, slightly more elongated nuggets and the wider African V print

We start with the smaller v print that just adjoins the neck. His cape is pink and has a series of circles in a light blue following the figure’s silhouette with a slight opening in the center. This is followed by another beige stroke combined with another light pink line, following the shape of the silhouette at all times, until reaching the vertical rectangular prints that are wider than normal. One group of these rectangles are tinted a light blue and another group in shades that tend to grayish

The sketches of the interior of these rectangles also differ from their segment: one of them have beige spiral finishes, others of them in a kind of downward facing brackets, and the other of them with the brackets facing left in one. of the rectangles and in another looking to the right at what is a kind of “igloo”, all tinted in the same hue mentioned above

The sketch that is right at the peak of the pointed finish is shaped like a kind of anchor printed in a pink pigment. The nuggets are beige in color and have a subtle trace of pink along their diameter. As for the flowers, those that are combined by the petals and those that are not colored in a pink hue. Its leaves are beige with a slight gradient in pink, with the flowers of just the peak of the V in an intense pink, whitish outlines surrounding the silhouettes of the flower and petals in a light blue, with other smaller leaves in black.

The lower part of the garment we see on both sides the circumferences in a uniform black layer, covered by smaller seeds and the same floral print of the peak finish in the center of the garment . The borders of horizontal stripes, vertical rectangles and lines that follow a pointed stroke up and down successively, are present in colorful pink, black, light blue and beige

In each of these embroideries the sketches are present in beige tones, which also happens to differentiate the different tones printed on the layers of the stripes that follow a pointed line. The borders of the sleeves are the same in terms of tonality and type of pattern, with the particularity that it has a blue layer printed around it and a sketch of seeds and floral prints on the top of this layer, similar to what we see in the central sketch of the dress

African V Neck Long Sleeves African Dashiki Maxi Dress For Women

It is characterized by having a more elongated V outline than normal, two circumferences on the sides of the petticoats with a slight embroidery at the lower end, other two rounds to the left and right of the African silhouette in the center, just in the area of the breasts, and two other circles in the area of ​​the sleeves that border the armpit

The circles are tinted in a solid orange layer, with a trace of black and green dots, with black being the predominant color. The first V-print has an orange overlay with lighter green sketches inside. It does not change too much to what has already been seen in the class stamped in the center, with rectangles of rhomboidal figures and triangles dyed in orange and blue layers, with the detail of the rustic finish in black at the tip of the V

The seeds and a group of the flowers are printed in an intense pink, with the seeds encircled in a whitish outline. Another assortment of flowers are colorful in a not quite black coat. In a double tonality we have the petals printed: some in orange with small black leaves, and others in blue with small leaves of the same color.

Of the circles located in the lower left and right corner of the skirt, they have the same coating as the V- shaped peak. The decorative trims at the lower end of the sash are of the same type of pattern: conjunctions of colors in greens and greens lighter, in beige and deep pink

White V Neck Sleeveless African Dashiki Maxi Dress for Women

If this prototype stands out for something from the rest of its same family, it is because of the duality of pigmented prints on the front and back of the garment. On the front part of the body we see a giant outline with a V finish, with a pointed finish both above and below, which covers almost the entire dress, except for half the shoulders and sleeves, which are printed in one color. White uniform

Those embroideries that we see both in v and inverted v, change from a horizontal arrangement to a vertical arrangement. The tones engraved in each of the sketches are: the circumference in red, the vertical rectangular borders in golden and brown tones, some navy blue seeds and red flowers, with the particularity that they are sewn on a solid layer in Brown

This layer is not present in the back of the dress, where we only see the vertical embroidery in red and brown black tones and golden sketches inside, right in the center of the African clothing

African dashiki long dress in red with neckline and sleeves for women

“China-time” said in Spanish mode and Xinantime said in Chinese mode. This outfit comes with an exclusive stamp from China and the kind of pattern used in this prototype is similar to the one we have seen before in the previous model, with the peculiarity that it does not present an additional colorful layer over the flower pattern and the small nuggets.

The color of the circumference of the drawing in the center is present in a purple hue, followed by a black line with drawings of small circles painted inside, the classic vertical rectangular drawings in white, navy blue tones, as we see in the prints worn female and male models of dashiki v-necks

The petals, which emerge from seeds in greyish layers, are stained in a light green color , with 4 small white leaves in the upper and lower corners, and a group of flowers in gray and another group in black. All the commented outlines are surrounded by a black outline

Long dashiki dress in red with circular African print with pointed protrusions both above and below, printed on the left and with sleeves for women

The catalog of dresses discussed so far is one of the most extensive in the female sector. Even so, we wanted to include this model and the one we talked about just below given its high reputation on Etsy and Alibabá , respectively. Let’s first comment on the model that is for sale on Etsy:

What does this range differ from the rest of the family? The most striking thing, without a doubt, is the place where the African print in sharp peak is located, printed to the left of the outfit and not in the central part as it happens in almost all the models of the segment

Further down, in the right corner, we see a circular outline in a quarter. In other words, if a circle is 360ºC, this ring only has 1/4 of it, which is equivalent to 90ºC. Of course it has the coating on top of it with seeds and flowers, the seeds being colored in purple and the flowers in purple and green respectively. The same kind of pattern and shades are what we see on the back of the dress

It has several embroideries of brown layers and golden outlines inside in the area that borders the neck, at the beginning of the arm, at the end of the sleeve and on the right side only. All this is included in a vertical arrangement, nothing new

Referring to the shades of the outline of the circumference with peaked outlets in the upper and lower area and the circumference with floral prints in the corners, their rounds are earth-colored, the next coated (that of the central print) is in a red hue on small sketches in gold, a line that follows the shape of the sketch in blue with small horizontal lines, rectangular sketches in vertical with the same kind of pattern and dyed in brown and gold tones, a following red line similar to the one mentioned does nothing and the seeds in purple, from which green petals come out and the flowers in their corresponding shades already mentioned above

In the corner circles, the coating is simpler: it only has one stripe interposed by numerous vertical stripes, all tinted in a light greenish hue. We have to tell you two things that we have ignored so far: the corner radials have a white layer under the large green leaves and it also has an embroidery seam at the lower end of the petticoat.

Long dashiki dress in blue, purple, orange and beige with an African print in V and another in inverted V, split one and the other in half and with sleeves for women

It caught our attention when we launched into the Alibabá option and began to inquire about new dashiki models. We found one in particular: The presence of a peak outline not only in the central part of the garment, but also in the underskirt of the dress. It still has an embroidery in the central part, another in the area below the skirt and on the lower ends of both sleeves

As we have seen, depending on the tonality in which this model is manufactured, the color of each of the patterns will vary. This model is available in shades of blue, purple, orange and beige. If you buy it dyed in blue, the core of both sketches is in a colorful orange color, vertical rectangular prints in red, white and beige colors, the central and lower border in the same tonality and a kind of rectangular pattern, seeds and a group of the buds in beige, and another group of flowers in black

It has a particularity in the sleeves, and that is that in addition to using the double embroidery present in the front of the outfit, it also uses 7 linear embroideries of different kinds of patterns and thicknesses, just below this border: 2 in black, 2 in beige and another two in cyan

We see this same finish in the orange model, with the difference that the core changes bluish tones, as well as its rectangular patterns, some seeds in light blue, and some flowers that do not change in terms of the tonality used in the previous model. whose fabric is blue

The yellow model lacks this type of finish on its sleeves, which ends up being a sober triple horizontal stripe print, two of them dyed in black and the other in yellow. The rest of the family, as you well know, change the color of each of the beak outlines, the seeds, the leaves and the flowers.

One important thing you have to know: this model only has available the outline in v and v inverted in the blue one. In the rest it only has the classic circular drawing with protrusions up and down in the center and circles in the corners of the petticoats, preserving at all times the rectangular embroidery with different outlines inside.

Long Sleeveless African Dashikis Dresses for Women

This catalog includes fewer models than other sections discussed in this family of dresses. We have 3 different ranges available that stand out for using different kinds of stamping with different shades in each of them.

The brands of each of the dashiki archetypes belong to Janly Clearance Sale, which will be the first to be discussed, DressUWomeen and AfricanApparelStore. We start with the 1st model:

African dashiki long dress in black sleeveless for women

One of the first things that we can see with the naked eye in this model is the disparity present in the drawings, where at no time do they follow a uniformity. The same happens with both the black range and the following 2 ranges that we will comment on, which are from the first manufacturer we named,, Janly

In the front part we see the outline in circumference with a projection to its left, since it is horizontally and not vertically. Below we see in the left corner, just bordering an embroidery, a quarter of a circle

Under this embroidery we see another sketch of a circle, this time the circle is visible, which is not the case in the sketch above, where this ring is barely visible. Finally, again in the lower left corner we have another quarter of a roundness in a somewhat more restrained size than the one above. Tell you that both below and on both sides we have embroidery, and on the back of the garment there is a distinction with respect to the front:

On the back sleeve on the right, it has another circular outline that covers the entire sleeve and a little of the neck, if we take into account the classic floral print and nuggets, a print that, of course, we have present in all the prints on the front except for linear and rectangular embroidery

The tones printed in each of the circles is in an intense orange with white, beige and brown strokes, rectangular horizontal and oblique prints in the same tone, and with their corresponding outlines inside, until reaching the seeds and flowers

The seeds have a peculiarity: in the circular outlines they have a dense white layer on them, something that does not happen in the circumferential silhouettes with beak openings. They are pink and have a slight white line on the inside in the horizontal and oblique pattern, and a bit more pronounced in the corner rounds. On the other hand. the flowers are orange and light green, having the petals in a light green color as well

The embroidery with horizontal stripes and vertical rectangles are distinguished by using rougher pigments such as pink and black, to softer ones such as beige and green. The kind of printed pattern is what we see in almost all of the models that we discuss

African dashiki long dress in yellow sleeveless for women

Nothing differs this outfit from black and blue. The arrangement of its prints remains intact. What does not remain intact are the printed hues, which change slightly:

The circumferences are still in a strong orange, the same tone used in the rectangular patterns of the 2 outlines with v-shaped projections looking to the left horizontally and obliquely, as in the black range. The seeds are still pink, with light strokes on the beak outlines and rougher strokes on the corner ones.

What does change are the overtones of the floral prints and some of the outlines of the embroidery in the center and lower end of the petticoat: slightly lighter colors that tend to lighter greens and oranges in the vertical rectangular trims, a greener color in the stripe with outlines to update and fewer linear sketches in the area below the central embroidery, in a shade also somewhat lighter

African dashiki maxi dress in blue sleeveless for women

Only one thing changes this model, and it is the color of the seeds, which becomes a somewhat more intense pink, with more subtle strokes in the African circular outlines with pointed outlines and something more noticeable in the radial drawings of the corners. using in the 3 circles that dense layer of which we talked about above

The flowers are still dyed in beige and green tones , and the petals in green. One thing to point out: none of the floral prints in this range of dress and the two above have the presence of black lines around the seeds and flowers.

It is in some of the rectangles of the embroidery where if the tonality changes: the one with two vertical stripes printed becomes yellowish to bluish tones and the layers of each one of them become slightly more opaque white, just imperceptible

African dashiki long dress in blue sleeveless and with more low-cut blouse for women

Sensuality at first sight, but in a “light” way. This is how we rate this garment from DressUWomen , in which you can distinguish the prints of vertical stripes on the sides with a solid layer combined with the rectangular prints, which have silhouettes of “hourglass” species and circles, the sketches In reverse v and v on lines, corner circumferences, horizontal stripe embroidery under the blouse and African hoop outline with tips on top and bottom

The interior sketches of the side stripes and center trim are tinted a strong gold on the lighter colored lines, and a duller gold on the darker colored lines. The rectangular outlines are printed in hues that tend to red, browns, and oranges . The uniform layer present here is printed in an orange color. This rectangular and linear pattern covers the lower edge of the petticoat and covers the other side of the garment.

Right in the corners that border these patterns, both on the front and back, you have circular sketches covered, of course, by the seeds and their flowers, a print also present in the African sketch of a vertical double-peaked circle in the center of the dress. The circumferences of the corners and those of the center are colored in red, while its seeds are pigmented in purple and the flowers in dark green. In the petals, in addition to being dyed dark green, they are present in light green

To finish, the area of ​​the fabric that covers the female bust has the same floral print and nuggets printed in the same tonality, using as a type of print the same ones that appear in the vertical rectangular borders that follow the shape of the silhouette of the print. from the center

African dashiki maxi dress in green for women

We conclude this short section with the prototype that is sold on Etsy , where, above all, the horizontal and vertical embroidery used in the fabric of the garment that borders the breasts stands out, on the sides and the lower end of the stocking, both forward and backwards

We start with the double strap, located on each shoulder, that supports the dress: it has a line with outlines of squares in yellow and white, and another in a uniform black. The patterns used in the bust area are not at all far from what we have seen: horizontal striped designs, with sketches inside them, in orange, red, white and green tones , reaching the vertical rectangle prints, present in them. tones and with sketches inside too

Just below a kind of frame is traced with the update sign in orange drawn in turn in black, having in its interior the dense green layer that characterizes this model and, as expected, on it it has the inclusion of 4 rounds in a quarter and the circular print with vertical peak projections, both in the upper and lower part of the circle

All these sketches have the floral print coating with seeds and petals already so established. The corner rings and the center sketch are painted in an orange color. The sketches in the corner are drawn by two lines that follow the shape of the silhouette: one in green and the other in gray, with pink seeds and traces of white inside, gray and pink tinted flowers and green petals , with small white leaves. Same coating as the central outline , with the peculiarity that it has the vertical rectangular patterns so seen at this point. These are arranged in shadesgreens, blacks, greens, oranges and whites

African dashikis caftans for women

The feminine dashiki caftan is like the classic African print T-shirt with a feminine V, with the peculiarity that the length of the fabric reaches the ankles. Let’s say it’s like the dashiki “kimono” for women. These models are more exclusive and are not so massively manufactured. That is why some of the prices of these African clothes are higher than other models in the segment.

Thanks to brands such as SHU-SHI, Eloria or AfricanApparelStore, you can have access to this unique garment in the international African dashikis market. Let’s go first with Shu-shi:

African dashiki caftan in red for women

The print style is the same on both the front and the back. That said, throughout the fabric you have 4 circles located at the corners of the lined in frame with different outlines. Before talking about the frame sketches, the rounds have 7 different overlays:

In the first place the nucleus, which is a flower drawn in black with a layer in pink, secondly the lined curved in black with 8 white dots, another lined in blue with 14 white dots, fourthly a line in green with 14 points of black color, in fifth place a line in pink with 40 smaller white points and another line in black covered by two light lines of white dots both above and below. Inside here you have 24 in blue with a subtle white stroke

This is how each of the circumferences present in the caftan fabric will be. It’s time to talk about the African hoop print with peak outputs at the top and bottom. As expected, it has different coatings and where the stamping style changes substantially are in vertical rectangular stamps:

It is imprinted with outlines of strokes with a slight oblique arrangement, within beige rectangles. Another frame has successions of rhombus figures with the predominant layer in white and differentiated from one to the other by a black line. Two other rectangles each have 3 drawings of circles, two of them being a quarter and the other half a circle. They are tinted yellow and bordered by small arrows and circles in light pink within a blue layer. The last line to highlight is that it borders the circumference of pink tonality, which is formed by numerous petals around it with light strokes of white and some in black. so that they are noticed on that robust greenish layer

The lines that follow the silhouette of the central print are present in green, beige, black and white pigments The kind of print is business as usual: little white horizontal lines along the stripes. We finish the garment with the floral print and the embroidery of the frame, which are different in the following aspects:

We went from using the classic seeds to a base of leaves that emulates the place where the flowers come from (the earth), with the center in green and the left and right sides in orange. Right in the middle of the two bases, each of the flowers come to light. Its stem is black, on both sides they have two leaves in 1, and not a single leaf as it happens in other models. At the top, with the help of 4 small rounds, shape what would be the sapling itself. A little lower there is 1 small leaf on both sides of the stem , present in an orange color

The trims have 4 different coatings: a first line in green, white and pink with lines in subtle peaks, with a rustic finish at the tip emerging from a white core. A second stroke in black with fine lines above and below in gray, having in its interior sketches of rectangles of very low height and with rounded corners, and circles, also present in a grayish hue and covered by a white stroke. In the third stroke the green and light green are noticeable, with printed outlines of rectangles and double-square in a vertical arrangement in both drawings.

A series of these rectangles is present in a beige tone, with light layers of green and black inside. Another series of rectangles are pink with a thin layer of gray inside. On the lower end of the kaftan’s petticoats there is a print of small horizontal seeds, all of which are dyed by a soft blue layer and all of them differ by a black line. At the end of the whole we see another blue stripe pattern with numerous white dots inside

African dashiki caftan in orange for women

Model entirely found on Etsy and with a print more in line with what we have seen in many of the models of this print family. This range of caftan is suitable to be worn by those who want to radiate, above all, minimalism. We are going to explain in detail what this dashiki tunic for women brings us:

The main layer of the fabric comes in orange tone textile seams. The outline used in the center is the same as always: circular outline and pointed outlets. Some of the kinds of patterns used in the vertical rectangles inside the sketch vary. Some of them have 4 outlines of circles of a quarter and two lines, which do not follow a uniformity, all a light green color, each of the drawings being noticeable with a thin green layer in the center and black lines around of these figures

The peak of the vents is printed in a blue overlay with a rustic black design inside. The other stroke that varies is the curved one that borders the circumference of light gray: right in the center of both curved sketches, the finish of the tips and with the same tonality. Above and below it, stamped with a vertical line in the center and covered above and below by curved lines, which follow an upward and downward trend. This vertical sketch is joined at the end by two horizontal sketches, with the particularity that it does not have the curved lines that go up and down continuously.

All these patterns are present in green, blue and white tones The rest of the pattern is similar to that seen in many models of the male category. In this caftan model, the seeds are longer than normal, with sketches of white dots. Leaving the seeds we find the black stems, with both sides printed with petals and other smaller ones in green and light green, until we reach the flowers, some of which are in colorful black with white lines inside, and others in pink with white lines inside them

Both in the lower left and right corners of the front and back, we have a total of 4 grayish circles with 4 main ones covered: the floral print and two stripes that follow the compass of the silhouette, one in light green covered by a line. opaque black, and another more greyish with another coated black. Here the pink seeds have the peculiarity that they are printed on a grayish layer. The floral print is the same in terms of drawing and tones used in the outline of the center

We come to the embroidery that covers the lower end of the caftan skirt, the sides and the ends of the sleeves: First, it begins with some silhouettes that have a spiral shape dyed in light green over a dense layer of black. Then the following tiles are not too far from what is seen, horizontal pink stripes with white dots some of them and as many others with successions of right and inverted white triangles. The vertical rectangular prints are similar to the V sketch except for one, which mixes the lines that follow a curved shape above and below and the green layer

These two strokes are present in different rectangles of the central sketch, but they never coincide. Here it does. The last pattern of the petticoats, the one that is lower, is printed by a horizontal line in green, which does not happen on the sleeves, which culminates with the penultimate pattern of the skirt, that is, the finish in a uniform horizontal line in purple and another finished in purple but with three stripes, two of them distinguished by a gray color and a third, the one in the middle, in green

African dashiki caftan in blue for women

This caftan prototype has the same kind of pattern as the previous model, with the particularity that it changes the tonality of the circle in the core of the sketch and some of the patterns, the color of the seeds and a series of flowers and that this see the end of the sleeves if they have the green line finish

The tone of the circumference becomes orange, with successive coatings that do not vary in tone or type of pattern. The seeds do not vary in print, preserving their elongated shape, but they do vary in tone: We turn to a bluish pigment where around its diameter it has a subtle black line. Its petals are still green and light green, green for the smallest and light green for the largest. In general, it can be said that in this range the shades of each of the outlines of the silhouette with peaks above and below change to darker shades, with respect to that of the tunic in the orange range.

The flowers continue to retain their coloring in black and white respectively, with their corresponding white lines inside the black flower. If in the previous model the vertical and horizontal striped patterns are dyed in blue, in this one it becomes a more greenish hue, and in which the small white outlines of the interior of these stripes are kept intact . The 4 circumferences of the corners are all the same except for the hue of the circle and the layer that goes under the seeds, both present in an orange tone

African dashiki caftan in peach for women

Although this caftan has the unisex label , you should know that this particular model and in general the majority of its segment, is more demanded by women than by men. Let’s see, if you are a man and you are in Arabian territory, it is the perfect time to wear this model and surprise, why not, more than one sheikh

Leaving no doubt about the fact that caftans have their deserved place in men, we are going with this range, which is characterized by having a very pronounced peak outline, having the circumference trims around the neck, the frame, which separates the cape exterior and the two circular sketches in the lower corners below

The patterns used in this sketch are black stripes with small white circular silhouettes inside, the same as we see in other models, a first V-finish in pink and an arrangement of white glitter, the same can be said of other pink stripes with white glitter, which follows the silhouette of the outline of v, running into the rectangular patterns, which are wider and are dyed in oranges, pinks and white. The pattern used inside is similar to that seen in other ranges of the segment

The archetype of caftan of dashiki womens Eloria lacks seeds, and instead are replaced by a kind of inheritance robes in colors pink, green, orange and blue. All of them have black lines and are joined to each other by a curved line. The floral prints are found along the layer, somewhat far from the outline of the center, being 4 of them with 3 leaves, 4 flowers with 5 leaves, 6 flowers with 7 leaves. The number of sheets gradually increases as we get closer to the peak finish. The buds are colored green, light green and pink

The last flower, the one that borders the beak, has 11 leaves in total and that curved rustic line so seen in other models. Observing the frame of the embroidery on the end of the kaftan petticoat, it has 5 different coatings: a first line of flower prints on a white and grayish layer, present in the same hue as the small tunics that cover the external part of the line. peak. Then it is covered by a pink line and a black one with white dots, 2 stripes with pointed silhouettes above and below, these being pink and the outer layer in grayish, the rectangular patterns, which change to a horizontal arrangement but not the drawing style, and one last stripe in blue

The circumferences of the corners are impregnated with a blue layer, with a white glitter design inside and with the exception that it has a floral print in each of the circles. The flower petals of both circles are pink, while the stems come in greenish seams

African dashiki caftan in purple for women

Its radiant purple finish with flower silhouettes in a subtle black line make this one of the most beautiful in the segment. It is the first thing to highlight in this outfit, its minimalism and uniform arrangement in terms of the style of print used in the cape

Of course, the touch of this garment could not be missing, sealing it at the top with a V outline in warm tones that contrasts too much with the design of the cape and, in turn, makes it showy and more striking still does fit. This silhouette is located both in the front and in the back, which is not the case with other models. This commented detail is another of the particular features present in this model. In addition, we must not forget the circular outline located in the central part of both sides of the garment.

The tonalities to which each of the sketches present in the beak pattern tend are combined between greenish tones and light greenish tones. The printing style is the same as always, and each of the figures stand out and can be seen with the naked eye thanks to their black outline. Approaching the purple cape, it has a silhouette that follows the black V outline , with dots inside it in white and red. The seeds are printed in a black layer and inside each one of them, it has 3 white dots of the same thickness and in a vertical arrangement.

Looking at the floral class drawing, the thicker petals are colored in greenish layers and the smaller leaves in a darker green. The flowers that border the leaves, some of them are in muted white with black lines in their entrails, and many others in black with an interior dyed with white lines. Finally, the circle on both sides is printed in an orange color with 4 different coatings:

A linear stroke with a clearly radial trend present in a light green and with black tips above and below, a following black line with drawings of white circles on the inside, crossing with the greenish layer, on which the seeds of black color and from where the floral prints come out, present with the same tonality and kind of sketch. The embroidery of the mesh has the particularity that in many of its patterns a color tone is used not seen in the circles on the sides of the garment, nor in the drawing with a peak finish.

African dashiki caftan in gray for women

The finish of the layer of this model is similar to the previous one in terms of aesthetics: a dense light gray distinguished by silhouettes of floral prints in a darker tone thanks to the presence of the line in a more opaque gray that is around them.

In the embroidery at the extreme end it has a particularity: it uses 2 pairs of linear patterns, one in red colors and others in black, the red ones having gray triangulated outlines with the beak facing left and the black ones with small dotted drawings on the left. white, joined by another uniform line in gray and a last solid line in black. The tonality of these borders change to red rectangles and the flowers present in the internal parts of these rectangles are dyed in grayish layers.

We continue to have the circles in the center of the sides of the garment, the core printed in a showy red color, the seeds go on a layer that is the same shade of the circle. These nuggets are separated from the circumference by a yellow line covered in black and another black line with round outlines , in the internal part of the same

The petals on the sides and the V outline are stained in greenish tones, while the leaves of a more moderate size are present in red colors. The flowers of both sketches are stained, some of them, black and others, in the same color of the fabric of the cape

The vertical rectangular outlines inside the V are still present in greenish tones except for a group of these rectangles, which change to the same tone of the layer . One last note is that the nuggets in the center print do not have a solid layer under them, which is the case in the circular outlines on the sides.

Sleeveless African Dashikis Blouses for Women

A model that is sold entirely by the seller Altshop UK and that we have had to navigate to the end of the inventory of female dashikis available on Amazon to find them. The shades in which these blouses are printed are: maroon, gray and brown. We start with the one in the garnet range:

African dashiki blouse in maroon for women sleeveless

This range and the next 2 have 3 similarities: the African V neck print, the embroidery at the bottom of the garment and the embroidery on the back. Based on these 3 elements, each of the models, depending on the color, will vary in some of the patterns or will incorporate a new pattern.

In this model, the smallest V outline has two shades: black and navy blue, the latter being dyed in a uniform layer on the petals and the layer inside the V, and black in the deeper edging and outermost drawing peaking down . Below we see the classic spiral embroidery accompanied by rectangular and linear borders. The black color is present in this part of the garment.

What if we go to the back of the garment? It has 7 main embroideries that form the same edging that we find in the lower front part, but with a different arrangement. Navy blue is noticeable in the vertical stripe just down the center of the back of the outfit

African dashiki blouse in gray for women

This model differs from the previous one by the use of circular prints on the sides of the front of the clothing and more pronounced embroidery, both on the front and back.

The V outline is slightly different from that of the black range, where it only presents a small embroidery of rectangles and lines bordering the skin and the classic floral print stands out. A group of flowers is available in shades of brown and others in black. All of them have sketches of white dots inside, something also very seen in many models

The circumferences of the sides, which do not become circumferences as such, in addition to presenting the floral print, incorporate the seeds, something not seen in the V finish. We say that a ring is not perceived since the nucleus is not visible but yes the curved stroke, which makes us presage that we are clearly ahead of another classic sketch present in many ranges

The seeds go on a sober layer in pink, the seeds being in a brown color like a group of the flowers, and other flowers in black. Something not commenting on the V sketch and that also incorporates this drawing, are the petals, where the largest are present in pink pigments and the smallest in roses of stronger tones. It is time to comment on the two rude embroidery on the front and back:

In the front part, the end of the garment is culminated with a mixed succession of horizontal patterns in uniform colors, others with outlines of dots, triangles looking up and down, another line with only a drawing of triangles with the peak down and edging. of vertical rectangles, the same as we see in the area of ​​the back with the particularity that the inclination of the prints varies, going from horizontal to vertical

The vertical lines present on the sides of the rectangles in the front embroidery vary between different softer and less soft shades of pink. An example of this is the lighter pink color with a very subtle black and white gradient present in the lines that do not follow a uniformity and the 4 circles inside each of the rectangles. Same tone that we will see in the rectangular patterns and the horizontal lines of the interior

Each of the linear patterns present in the area of ​​the back are intervening varying in their patterns, uniform or non-uniform tonality, especially highlighting the border of just the center, where we see 3 black stripes, with the widest center and 2 stripes of soft pinks joined by blacks on the left and right, two lines that highlight the thicker black line in the center. The spiral outlines are located just below the armpit vertically, culminating in a floral print with its corresponding petal

African dashiki blouse in brown sleeveless for women

The first V embroidery of the neck outline, the smallest, is a little smaller than that of the maroon range. That is the first peculiarity that we find in this range. The second is the spiral finish, which starts from the back of the back to the end of the garment, bordering at all times with the vertical embroidery on the back.

Both the front and back prints are distinguished by their black line and subtle opaque pink layer in each of the sketches. With the collision of these two opposing colors, the objective of knowing at first glance is achieved what type of sketch uses this particular model.

The back part has vertical rectangles, with sketches of the same kind that present the greyish and maroon range of blouses, something similar to what happens in the front part: same sketches but in a vertical arrangement and with the same shades mentioned above.

In the floral sketch of the finish in a sharp peak, the 2 outlines are clearly distinguished: On the one hand, we have the flowers and on the other hand, the petals. Both lines are distinguished from one another thanks to the fact that the buds are dyed black, while the leaves are dyed in that opaque pink that we see so present in the interior of each of the outlines printed on the fabrics of all the blouses of this family

African dashikis blouses with sleeves for women

This section is also entirely dominated by the British brand Altshop. It differs from the previous model in 3 things: the first is the V outline, which we have more pronounced, the second is the absence of linear and rectangular embroidery at the lower end of the front of the garment, and the third is the piping print on sleeves. We have them in khaki, garnet, gray, brown and teal ranges. This is how each of the models are according to the color they have printed:

African dashiki blouse in khaki with sleeves for women

The print style present in each of the sketches of the internal part of the print is found in a minimalist black and opaque black. Some lines have uniform colors in black, others are outlined in black with khaki layers inside, others with outlines of small squares

Thus, it is possible to identify from the first moment the sketches of the vertical rectangular prints, the different lines that shape the sketch of the peak, the edges of the sleeves and the floral print. In this last print, in addition to playing with the black filled with khaki, it has another group of flowers in an opaque black in which the texture of the layer itself is more noticeable than the flower itself.

The same happens with some of the petals and nuggets present along the V: a faint shade that is noticeable on the khaki fabric of the blouse. The embroidery on the sleeves has linear edging, horizontal in vertical and the famous spirals in a horizontal sense as well, with black as the main pigment. In the area of ​​the shoulders it has a horizontal flower, which stands out from one of the vertical patterns on the back

The back of the sleeves have outlines with curved figures and squares inside, as well as spiral prints, following a horizontal direction at all times. Once it reaches the back, it changes to a vertical arrangement, having on the left and right ends of the outline in the center spiral edging, printed with stripes in uniform shades and with outlines inside, until it reaches the center of the back. Here we have a solid line in black that is noticeable thanks to the fact that on both sides it has a line that develops in a triangular direction up and down

African dashiki blouse in maroon with sleeves for women

It is played with navy blue and black in each of the sketches printed on this model. One of the most attractive linear patterns on the sleeves is noticeable thanks to the presence of the first mentioned tonality. The rest of the embroidery on the sleeve is combined between maroon and black, with a similar print style that does not vary at all

Where the navy blue is also noticeable is in the petals that go over the print of v, in the innermost and outermost line that follows the silhouette of the v, in the seeds and inside the rectangular embroidery. The flowers are colorful in a black with white dots inside

Comparing the rear with the front, we clearly see certain distinctions: the first is 2 circles printed in a quarter with floral outlines. Both come out of a vertical and horizontal frame of spirals, which in turn match the rest of the printed pattern on the back. Here the seeds and the flowers are in the same hue, with an outline that follows the silhouette of the circle in a navy blue color

As with the front, in the rear we see a rough outline of a vertical stripe in uniform black distinguished by the presence of navy blue stripes on the left and right, which follow a horizontal arrangement in right and non-right triangulated silhouettes. The rest of the stamping is as we have discussed in the previous range

African dashiki blouse in gray with sleeves for women

The brown and pink tones of the prints are back on the scene. The V outline is covered by 4 different lines: some in a uniform black line, another thin line in pink, another line with drawings of small squares in gray and pink and a solid line in pink on the gray layer of the blouse.

Almost all of the sketches made up inside the v are differentiated by the pink layer and its black border, except for three patterns, which are colored in the same tone as the fabric. On the outside of the outline the seeds and a group of the flowers are printed in brown with white dots on this brown layer, and another group of flowers is printed in black with pink petals and slight outlines inside them of small stems. in black color

Rotating our view we will reach the sides of the garment in which we can observe two things: the first is the use of different kinds of embroidery and in different appearances at the end of the long sleeve of the blouse. The second is the presence of three flowers dyed in the same tonality mentioned, in a vertical arrangement and emerging from the seeds . The use of this pattern is due to the style of the area of ​​the fabric where our back overflows

The type of pattern used in the sleeve trims is the same as that seen on the back of this model and the ranges discussed: In the upper right and left corners there are 3 spiral frames, one vertically and the other horizontally. , combined with pink and black tones

From here the circumferences come out in a quarter, the layer printed in pink, and with seeds and flowers of the same style and tonality. The difference is found in the seeds, which are on a pink layer, and in the outline of the center of the back, where this time it does not use a very different tonality to the rest. Instead it uses a reddish hue present in several linear patterns on the back of this feminine trousseau.

African dashiki blouse in brown with sleeves for women

Everything we can see in this dashiki feminine blouse model is similar to that seen in the sleeveless blouse of the same color: a use of non-disparate tones in each of the outlines and 3 clearly differentiated patterns

Dark blue in navy and black are combined in the oblique vertical silhouettes that shape the V and in the sketches of the interior of the V. Striped horizontal prints, vertical rectangles with vertical interior sketches and spirals, stand out on both sleeves

The reverse happens at the back, where the rectangles are placed horizontally but their outlines are placed horizontally, and the stripes go from being horizontal to vertical. All this as always made in textile seams of characteristic black and navy blue

African dashiki blouse in teal with sleeves for women

A cape look never seen in any of the commented ranges, not only in this section, but in the entire male and female catalog of this African print. A mix between pink and dark gray combined with some black sketches and some of them in dark green, which make this model one of the most beautiful blouses in the segment.

The patterns used in the first drawing that we are going to analyze, the v, is not at all different from what has been seen so far: mixed succession of thinner and thicker uniform lines or filled with layers of teal, lines with dotted outlines inside, with a only feature present in the smallest (innermost) v drawing. It is in a textile seam of a subtle pink and a faint gradient in blue in the center of it

The rest is made up of the rectangular prints with various drawings inside, a classic, and the floral print made up of the seeds and their corresponding flowers and petals. The seeds are in a dark green color, like a certain number of flowers (not all), while the rest of the flowers are in black

We only need to talk about the existing design on the back of the garment. It does not change at all and the sketch of the central vertical stripe dyed in the same color as the cape is striking, thanks to the contrasting black on both sides and throughout all the embroideries.

The spiral design is made up of a vertical and horizontal arrangement, which begins to be traced and is always located in the upper left and right corner. From here comes the circular print with its classic floral covering, a circle that is in a pink seam. One detail that we missed was that in all the flowers the smallest leaves are also printed in that faint pink

African Dashiki Pants or Leggings for Women

Another model that is sold only on Etsy. Although that is not a problem for us, since we work with them. The seller who gives you the possibility of acquiring a feminine dashiki leggings now calls himself “AmazingOutletQueens”.

All ranges of these leggings use a textile seam on their black fabric, placing the elongated outline in circumference with pointed top and bottom exits (a classic in this type of print), in a central position on the right and left side of the trousers and covered, in turn, by the floral print

How is the style of each of the prints on these pants? On the tips it has a circular black finish. In the rectangular patterns closest to this finish, it has oblique lines ascending to the left and right. The next two rectangles again have circular finishes with a rose opening in the center

The radius of the circle is bordered by several horizontal tip designs looking left and right, and starting from a moderate size to larger and larger. At the bottom tip, the style used is the same as the one you recently read. And so will all the designs of the prints of the chosen color

The rest of the pattern, which is in a different color from the one we choose, its rectangular outlines have various finishes: 3 different silhouettes that also gradually vary in size. Like the lines of the rectangles printed in the chosen tonality, these lines are also tinted in black

The area that borders near the ankles has a kind of arch contrasted by the smallest arch in black in the innermost part of the outline and the largest arch is tinted by the chosen tonality of the leggings. The type of finish used here is differentiated by three coatings: the floral print, the circular stroke with protruding lines in the center of the arch and another double floral outline, looking at some flowers downwards and others upwards, which in turn come out of a uniform line in black with a white border both above and below

We have these trousers with African prints with adjusted sizes available in a total of 6 ranges, varying, depending on the color we choose, some of their sketches. What ranges of female African dashikis leggings are available? These that we will comment on below:

Women’s African Dashiki Blue Slim Fit Trousers or Leggings

In this case, when choosing a bluish color, we will see that tonality printed in some prints inside this sketch, specifically in some of the vertical rectangles, the curved area of ​​the sketch’s core (the circle) and the two points

Pink is reserved for the larger V silhouettes inside the vertical sketch, where we have in mind an uncommented detail in the introduction of this segment and that overflows on the legging fabric: a total of 7 horizontal lines of different lengths

The seeds are extremely small, follow the outline of the sketch and are slightly separated from it. The floral outlines are all of the same type of finish except for two of them, the ones that are just above the tip, which go from being a uniform white to having lines of white with the black layer on the inside . Among the flowers it has outlines of triangles, always looking up, in a bluish tone

The sketch below, the one that borders on the ankles, as we already commented on the style used above, we will tell you what tone each of the finishes has:

The semi-circle prints with a vertical stripe in the middle are tinted white, the vertical lines that border the semi-circles in pink, the seeds in white, the arc and its outlines in pink, the arc’s hue being more small similar in all ranges and, finally, the flowers, where one and the other are always seen in the same tonality , that is, if the one that is inclined downwards is tinted pink, the one that is inclined upwards is also tinted pink

Gold African Dashiki Trousers or Leggings for Women

We promise that from now on we will go more to the point and not so much in detail. As we have this model tinted in a gold pigment, some of its sketches vary:

The first of them are all the silhouettes inside the circular pattern with points above and below, which are impregnated with that gold and differentiated, at the same time, by the black lines present in each of the vertical rectangles and the curved line of the core of the central stamping. The only thing that remains with respect to the blue range are the two tips, which are still present in that pink tone. Its internal sketches are still printed in black

The little nuggets turn from pink to blue, and the tiny triangles between the flowers turn from blue to green. The outline of both sides of the lower area of ​​the trouser sleeve maintains both the print and the ddl tonality.

Orange African Dashiki Slim Fit Pants or Leggings for Women

In this range, some of the vertical rectangular patterns do vary. In addition to what are in orange textile seams, which is obvious because it is the chosen color, the rest of the patterns (including the tips) inside the circumference sketch with pointed openings located on both sides, are in an orange hue.

The lines that follow the silhouette of the central outline maintain their design: subtle lines in a solid white color and outlines of small diamonds on the black layer of the legging fabric. The seeds are in an orange hue, which is not the case with the triangles drawn between the flowers, which turn to a grayish color

The floral print maintains its style and tone, even that peculiarity of a flower with a black cape present in the top and bottom tips. Looking below, the tiniest arc and semi-circles are tinted in shades of white. The vertical striped outlines next to these half-cut hoops are caped in orange. The same happens with the largest arch. Specifically, the floral sketches here keep some of them in white and others in orange

Women’s Pink African Dashiki Slim Fit Trousers or Leggings

This model is tinted pink in the rectangular patterns that present silhouettes of different sizes and in the seeds. In the rest of the rectangular patterns (we speak of the sketch in the center), it is present in a blue hue, preserving each of the types of patterns discussed at the beginning of this segment in that classic line of black.

The outline of the outline is traced by a black layer and at the same time differentiated by another silhouette of a circle with pointed outlets at the top and bottom of a smaller size and in a white line . In turn, between this silhouette and another similar sketch of a larger size and in pink, we find several drawings of white dots that cover the entire diameter of the sketch

Going towards the outermost area of ​​this figure, we find the little pink seeds from which the white floral sketches come out and those 2 floral sketches with a printed style different from the rest of the flowers. Among these flowers we find the small triangles dyed in a bluish tone .

Finally, the arch located on the sides of the lower leg area has the largest arch in blue, differentiated by the black lines that form silhouettes inside. On this larger arch we have the semicircles dyed in white and the vertical lines and the other silhouettes of points in pink. The smaller bow has that double uniform line with a little black cape in the center . 2 pairs of double horizontal lines located just below it, from where the flowers come out looking up and down, some being pink and others white

Yellow African Dashiki Slim Fit Pants or Leggings for Women

Very similar to the one in the gold range but subtly varying some of the hues of the sketches. The first to change are the tips of the outline on both sides located in the central part of the legging sleeves: we now have a cyan color, keeping the interior drawings.

The outermost and innermost silhouette of the line that follows the shape of the main silhouette does not vary, being present in white. Yes, the intermediate silhouette between these two does, which each of the vertical rectangles, the curved line that adjoins the circle of the drawing and the horizontal lines of different lengths that are located above and below the innermost line, becomes be a yellowish hue

Focusing the eye on the floral pattern and the arch, the small triangles become an orange hue, just like the nuggets that go over the larger arch. The floral outlines maintain their tonality, and the largest arch, the sketches of points and vertical stripes next to the semi-roundels and some of the flowers of the floral pattern located below the double arch silhouette, become pigmented. in a yellow shade. The rest is kept blank as with all models

Green African Dashiki Slim Fit Pants or Leggings for Women

Here we will find the similarities in one of the tones printed on the tips and in the largest arc, in addition to some of the seeds of this last commented silhouette and the seeds of the drawing with a pointed v-circle and inverted point

Focusing first on the silhouette of the center of the side of the legs, we see the pink tone printed not only on the tips of it but also on the largest arch. The same will happen with the seeds of the floral outlines of both silhouettes, which become pink as well. The triangles located between the flowers of the largest floral pattern become in this model in light blue. The flowers of this print are still white and the finish style does not vary at all

Observing below, the double-arched silhouette presents a double tonality: the first is white, used in all ranges of African leggings, and the second is pink, differentiated by its lines of silhouettes inside in black, just as happens in each of the sketches of this range and all of the segment, and differentiated by other uniform silhouettes in pink, which are next to the semi-circle silhouettes above the double arch figure and in some nuggets and flowers of the floral sketch from below the double arch drawing

Long African Dashikis Skirts for Women

“Unknown” and “GURU-SHOP” play an important role in this section of womanish dashiki. The print used in all the ranges is the same except for one of them, which uses a more pronounced v outline and the interior of it with different lines, and a few more minimalist trims at the lower end of the petticoats. Below you will discover what the Unknow brand brings us by the hand:

African dashiki long skirt in yellow for women

3 parts are clearly differentiated in this range of petticoats: the v-peak print, the corner circles coming out of the frame printed on both sides and on the bottom of the skirt. The peak outline and the circular prints are also covered in this model by a floral print

The shades used in the beak are white, blue, pink and black. White is only found in vertical polygon patterns. His sketches of the inside in pink, other lines in a solid black and the silhouette of v also in pink. We have a group of the flowers pigmented in green and others in black

In the green buds another similar smaller flower is distinguished and in a lighter green. On the other hand, in the black ones we also have a smaller one in a somewhat opaque white. The seeds are dyed green with a lighter line inside, and the petals are seen on the one hand in pink (the front) and on the other in blue (the back). If we look closely, we can see the small leaves dyed in a greenish color

The circumferences of the sides are distinguished by a solid layer in pink, whose floral pattern does not vary except for the stamping of the seeds, which are on a pink layer. Once we got to the vertical and horizontal embroidery, we came across some spiral horizontal and vertical stripes, drawn between black and pink. The arrangement of the borders changes on the side and in the lower part of the skirt: on the sides each of the outlines are horizontal while on the other, it is vertical. The shades present here are beige, pink and black

African dashiki long skirt in blue for women

Since this skirt is in a bluish tone, some of the sketches change with respect to the previous range: First, the first silhouettes that make up the v and the sketches inside the white rectangular patterns become in a tone yellow combined, in turn, by red on both sides. The peak of this innermost v becomes reddish . Another thin line inside the v-sketch changes from a pink to a yellow

The seeds and half of the flowers become a creamy tone, being in turn printed by a silhouette that follows the shape of the seed and the flower in a white color. The flowers in black with the white line inside are still preserved. What also changes are the color of the flower’s leaves: they change from a pink to a green color with silhouettes of small black leaves inside them.

The circumferences of the sides change from a shade of pink to a shade of red, and another thin line that follows the shape of the circle changes from a blue line to a yellow . The seeds here go on a layer of the same hue as the corner rounds

We come to the embroidery on the sides and lower part of the skirt: the spirals, the vertical and horizontal rectangular patterns are now combined in green, red and black, which is still preserved. A detail that you should know and not mentioned in the previous range, is that the circles covered with flowers, petals and seeds are present both in the front and in the back. In this range, the tonality of these rings is maintained both at the front and at the back.

African dashiki long skirt in purple for women

The V outline remains exactly the same as that of the blue range: green, red, white and black predominate in the silhouettes that shape the v and the creamy and black color predominates in the floral prints, something similar. what happens in the petals, which continues to retain green with slight outlines of black inside

What does vary with respect to the previous range is the tonality of the 4 circles, which turn from a red to a bright and striking orange. The floral prints remain intact in style and used tonality. In each of the sketches of the floral print, all of them, whatever the color of their cape, are surrounded by a black line. This detail is present not only in the purple range, but in all

The edging on the edge of the skirt and on the sides does not vary in style or tonality except for one of the sketches, which turns red to orange. Rectangular prints are still placed horizontally in the area of ​​the sides and vertically in the area of ​​the edge of the skirt

African dashiki long skirt in orange for women

Here, several sketches do change and not just a few as happens in the purple range: the first sketch, the one located in the central part of the upper part, starts to be tinted in white, black, cyan and green . The seeds distort to a darker cream color, a fact that does not happen with the largest petals and the smallest leaves, which continue to retain their green and white color respectively.

The circles that border on the lower left and right corners of the front and back turn from orange to cyan colors. Obviously the same happens with the layer that goes over the seeds of this particular sketch, which changes to the same color that the circles of only a quarter have.

The rhomboidal figures horizontally and vertically and the vertical and horizontal lines, based on whether we look at the edge of the skirt or on the sides, are still present in green and black except for the square outline with the curved tips and the print of a flower inside, which varies from orange to cyan. This last commented print is the same that we see in all the ranges of the skirt, as well as the linear and rhombus silhouettes

African dashiki long skirt in dull or rusty orange for women

It is the only skirt in the segment that we find with a different stamping and from a different brand. The print style is characterized by the use of black combined with sketches of different sizes and all of them always dyed in that rusty orange.

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize the outline in v, which has a longer size than usual and the sketches of its interior also vary. The core of this drawing has a small circle that is traced through 8 small rhombuses, slightly separated and always at the same distance from each other.

The same happens with another circle before reaching the rectangular patterns, but this time with a greater number of diamonds since this ring is a larger size than the previous one. Only 4 rhombuses approach slightly and are those that are located at the extreme left and right of 180ºC, that is, in the middle of the circle

This line of rhombuses continues and forms that peak, slightly curved, and making itself noticeable thanks to the more external use of another uniform line in black. From here we come to the prints. The arrangement here is not only vertical but also horizontal rectangles, and only two of these patterns are of different finishes. The rest of the sketches are similar to that seen in other ranges

The floral pattern also varies: We have mixed flowers in a more opaque black and without petals around them. The same happens with the seeds, which have their layer coated in opaque black. The other group of flowers is present in a uniform black without any opacity and has petals of a different finish: 4 leaves, two on the left side and two on the right, located above and below the 2 largest leaves. all this always printed in the same tone of the most notorious flowers of the skirt

The 4 circumferences, two of them at the back and two at the front, are still present. The hue of these circles changes to a very dark brown. Which is not the case with the floral print, which maintains its design style and tonality. The embroideries on the edge of the skirt and those on the central part of the back vary in a more minimalist style, without being constituted inside each of the rectangles with drawings of different types.

They are only covered by vertical rectangular linear frames combined by the color of the layer and black, and an interior with 5 points on the left and right side of it, making up 10 points in total. At the back, this vertical arrangement changes to horizontal and these piping also change to a very dark shade of brown, just like the corner circles. The rest of the patterns remain the same: striped designs drawn through triangles with a peak at the top and bottom, dot designs, rhombuses and uniform lines

African dashiki long skirt in black for women

This range plays with white, blue, magenta and black. In the first sketch of African V, the smallest, it still has white prints of vertical rectangles with blue outlines inside. The two silhouettes of v, both the smallest and the largest, are tinted in magenta and in the center by a light blue. The peak finish that has rustic black sketches, is also staining in magenta

Then they separate small dots of white and blue on a solid black line and another thin line in blue that follows the silhouette of the v, crossing us on this way through the floral outlines. Here you play with magenta, black and blue. The magenta is carried by the seeds and a group of the flowers while another group of flowers are tinted black. All of them covered inside by lines of white dots

The blue is only carried by the petals, with light leaves of opaque black tracing inside. This sketch still has 4 small white petals, just like other ranges. This same combination of colors is what we see in the circles at the corners and, of course, in the embroidery on the edge of the skirt and both sides.

African dashiki long skirt in pink for women

In this model more colors are mixed than usual: black, green, white, yellow, light blue, blue and gray. Starting with the smallest v-shape, its two peaked lines are tinted in that light blue and in turn tinted by a non-uniform line in yellow . The two rectangular patterns inside are still white, with yellow sketches inside

Then we have uniform strokes of v in black and another thinner and less visible stroke in a yellow hue. The peak finish does not vary in the drawing, which is still black but in its layer, which changes to a bluish hue . The seeds and a group of the flowers are finished in a greenish layer but the seeds, unlike that group of flowers in green, have a harsher black border. The opaque white inside is still present

The rest of the flowers have their cape in black and with silhouettes of smaller buds in their interior in a more pronounced white. The petals are colored by yellowish tones and the 4 white leaves are still intact . If we direct our gaze to the rings in the corners, here its coat is present in a showy blue, the same layer that overflows over the seeds. The rest of the floral print preserves both its finish and its tonality. The design of rhombuses, rectangles, lines and squares with curved corners of the trims remain intact, they only vary to yellowish, black, blue and black tones

African dashiki long skirt in dark red or burgundy for women

The peak finish of the V silhouette is present in that lighter red, keeping its outline of the interior in black as it happens in all ranges. The sketches of the interior of the vertical rectangles follow that yellow hue, the same as happens with the central line of the innermost v trace, which is differentiated thanks to the fact that on both sides it uses that red in a soft tone

The seeds and a group of the flowers are tinted by that pink, the flowers of this hue being totally free with nothing around them. Those in black do not take the same coin. They are covered by yellowish petals and 4 white petals. In a lighter red we can see the layer of the 4 circles in the corners, keeping intact the tonality and design of its sketch of flowers and leaves.

The rest of the embroideries play with yellow, black and pink except for one of the patterns, which uses a different look not discussed so far: the outlines of squares with the 4 curved extremities are tinted in a less strong shade of red. than the peak finish but stronger than the layer of the corner circles, that is, a shade in between the two

African dashikis short skirts for women

This range of saya is entirely sold by Gurushop on Amazon. It is only available in a range and has floral prints in a curved arrangement but without the presence of circles. Both are located in the lower right and left corner of the front of the skirt. The sides have spiral prints and flower outlines. But there is much more:

African dashiki short skirt in plum for women

A tonality not seen until now that begins with the development of a vertical peak pattern on the upper part, covered in turn by the floral print. On the edge of the skirt, at the end that adjoins the legs, it has a stroke in pink just above the spiral embroidery

The different silhouettes that give shape to the V are covered at all times by a black hue varying only in their finishes: some are in uniform lines of considerable size, others are solid lines with small openings in plum inside, other lines in a smaller size. considerable until reaching the seeds, which are present in pink tones, as is the case with a certain number of flowers

The pink flowers are not joined by small petals, which is the case with the black flowers, which have 3 leaves on one side and on the other making a total of 6 leaves, and have an elongated shape. All of them are tinted in the same color as the accompanying flowers. The circular print with its flower coating uses the same finish and corresponding hue

At the back, the kind of sketches that we see are not far from what is seen: uniform lines in pink, other lines followed by small diamonds in pink as well, another line that follows the silhouette of triangles with the tip looking left and right, other lines with a small hoop opening in the center and colored in the same tone as the skirt fabric and 2 triangle lines that follow the silhouette of triangles looking left and left successively

All this is preceded by a vertical arrangement except in the rectangular patterns, which are horizontal. On the sides of the skirt, in the lower area, it has a black line with small plum diamonds on the inside where the seeds with the floral prints come out just below. We have different finishes on the upper sides, where a first line in pink and two curved lines in black, one of a thicker size and the other one less thick, form that curious disparity between the upper and lower sides.

African dashikis bikinis for women

This segment does not offer us as many models for sale as the shirts or dresses discussed here, which are few, because the market does not stop taking out new ranges in search of attracting more and more customers among which you may be

Now it is the turn of the bikinis with African dashikis prints, in which the outline in circumference with points both above and below continues to predominate , located in different areas of the bikini, there is no lack of the classic floral print and the embroidery of lines and rectangles, that this time they will have a more oblique trend than horizontal or vertical given the shape of this feminine outfit

Reputed vendors sell their ranges of African bikinis such as RomaniaGH, SHOBDW, Store Aibayleef, Saoye Fashion, and especially ContinentClo, an exclusive seller that offers feminine dashiki bikini models on the Etsy online store. These are the most prominent prototypes:

African dashiki bikini in black for women

Depending on the brand, the print style will vary slightly. We tell you this because 2 very similar black bikini ranges intervene in this section, and they are Saoye and Shob

African dashiki bikini in black for women by Shobdw brand

That said, in Shobdw’s the black model with shades of yellow, red, blue, green and purple are spread out across different outlines. Starting at the part that goes over the shoulders and adjoins the neck, the thickest embroidery has a blue cape, with seeds encircled in opaque white and the nucleus of these in green. Just above this layer has a developed stroke with up and down triangle strokes

The next stroke is lined with two smooth, curved strokes in black. In the middle is a greenish line crossed out by small horizontal stripes, all tinged with green. Beneath this silhouette is a cape in red. The next coated is another uniform line in gray but with dotted outlines in white and green. The last two strokes, one is in a solid greenish line and the other developed through white dots that are very close to each other.

This commented is in terms of the silhouette of the V. Looking at the innermost area of ​​it, it has another small outline of v in a red color, with a coating similar to that mentioned. Finally, the vertical rectangular prints have 3 different styles of prints: some in the shape of a peak heeled upwards, another in the shape of rhombuses and triangles looking to the right and left and another in the shape of flowers with 8 leaves each.

Rectangles with spikes are tinted red, those with rhombus outlines in blue, and the one with flowers in a slightly darker blue. Let’s go with the seeds. All are printed by a purple cape and a black line on the inside that follows the silhouette of the nugget. At the peak of the nuggets it has a slight white gradient

The floral patterns maintain their style except for the smallest petals, which become elongated and curved with little volume. This together with the largest petals we only see present in the white flowers. By the way, these petals, the largest ones, are in yellowish and green

Some of the petals have layers of bluish nuggets on the inside and others have layers of black seeds. Finally tell you that the blue buds of the floral print have seeds with the tip facing upwards and all are covered by a black, bluish and greenish layer.

African dashiki bikini in black for women Saoye Fashion brand

The style of circle print with a sharp point is maintained in this brand, but with nuances that you will discover below: the first of them is the embroidery of the neck, which we go from bluish tones in the cape to mainly navy blue and reds. Above the purple layer has two outlines of circles in yellow, with black silhouettes inside

Inside the purple layer it has numerous silhouettes of beaks oriented downwards and in a curved direction. Among this coated we have another 2 coated: the first is a uniform line in black with outlines of green dots and the second line is the circular line in a white uniform without silhouettes inside.

In the outermost layers we see another covered in red, surrounded in turn and on both sides, by a green line. We will see the same coating in the next curved layer and something thicker than the purple one: the red one. Inside it has sketches of different types thanks to the fact that the color used contrasts with red, and is none other than black

Placing us right here, in the red embroidery, it has another double coated: the first is a uniform line in black with lines of white dots in a navy blue and a second is green again. Tell you that these stripes follow the outline of the sketch at all times

As for the innermost v silhouette, it is differentiated thanks to the contrast between the white line used in the innermost cladding, and the black line with outlines of green dots printed on the outermost cladding. Rectangular patterns have 2 types of sketches: 2 yellow rectangles with red silhouettes of different thicknesses inside, and another 2 purple-toned rectangles with downward-facing beak silhouettes in a green color. The middle peak of the V has a greenish rustic finish over a black coating

Coming to the floral print, we find a group of red-tinted flowers with golden silhouettes inside. These flowers have two large petals and 4 small leaves. The tiniest petals are printed in the same hue as the seeds, purple . The largest petals have a large part of their coat in red, with light golden rings on their edges . The rest of the flowers have no border and are only outlined in white

African dashiki bikini in white for women

The same happens with this range. We have 2 very similar ranges of white, but depending on the brand we are dealing with, the pattern in one or the other will vary

African dashiki bikini in white for women from Shobdw brand

The first circular embroidery, the one that has layers of seeds and silhouettes of triangles angled up and down, we go from bluish tones to brown tones in the main layer and each of the outlines are differentiated thanks to the printing of a warm tone: the opaque orange

The second difference is found in the line that follows the silhouette of the print and is crossed out by an infinity of horizontal stripes: it goes from being a light green to an oxidized orange. The same goes for the overflowing coating above and the innermost v outline: the former goes from having a uniform line in black with white and yellow dots to changing those yellow dots into a soft orange

The layer that the smallest v is printed on becomes dark red. The next two coated that follow the shape of the silhouette, have the intermediate size with a red cape and surrounded by opaque white and orange dots, and a last print of v, the largest, in a shade of navy blue that overflows on a black cape

Rectangular patterns go from orange and bluish tones to dark reds and browns. The sketches inside are still in a light tone so that they can be differentiated. The print does not change: the design of points and diamonds is maintained, and the rustic one at the tip.

Coming to the floral pattern, the fact that some flowers have petals and others are not preserved, as is the change in the color tone in some flowers and others and, of course, the change in the tone in the seeds. These turn to a navy blue, like an assortment of flowers. Another thing that does not change is the presence of the pip inclined upwards in the solitary flowers, without some petals.

This nugget has its main layer in a dark red color and is covered by a light trace in opaque orange. The flowers that do have petals have the 2 large leaves and the 4 smallest leaves. These flowers are tinted red and surrounded by a light stroke and dotted silhouettes in a light pigment as well.

The smallest petals are all present in a dark green while in the larger petals, the silhouettes of small leaves present inside each one of them, although the main layer that overflows on them is printed in dark red, in some petals these leaf silhouettes are printed in darker layers and others in less dark layers

African dashiki bikini in white for women from Saoye Fashion brand

Between this range and that of Shob, the following differences are perceived: The first curved line that borders the circle of the peaked outline goes from being a red to a yellow hue, with outlines inside distinguished thanks to the black color used, then it has two coated, in which one goes from having the central line in yellow and the sides, instead of being yellow, become red, ending with a last sketch of points that overflow on a black layer and fenced, at the same time, by a red stroke on both sides

Rectangular patterns go from purple and yellow layers to black, orange and dark brown layers. In the 4 dark brown and 2 black rectangles it retains its peak outlines, but this time distinguished by silhouettes in a red hue.

The other 2 remaining black-layer rectangles have diamond shapes distinguished by the printed yellow pigment. In the orange rectangles the silhouettes are distinguished by the opaque yellow tone used . The beak outline has a black silhouette inside with a red cape in a very dark shade.

The nuggets and flowers, as with the other brand, range from the tip of the sketch to the end of the two bikini sleeves that spill over the shoulders. Here the seeds go from being a layer in navy blue to a uniform black with sketches of 3 vertical dots in each of them

The flowers with petals maintain their finishes but vary in their shades. These buds have a black border but are colored by a green outline. The largest leaves of this group of flowers are present in yellow tones and the smaller leaves in a somewhat darker green.

The solitary leaves are still surrounded by black but with a white layer inside and, in addition, on the right and left side of one of the 3 tips of the flower (which is the right or left tip depending on whether the floral print is located to the left or right of the central outline), it is present in a greenish gradient

This detail is only present in some of the white buds and not in all. Finally, tell you that the flowers with a black line on a white uniform layer have a small petal on each side, in a dark green tone, right in the center of the stem. This detail is present in this entire group of flowers

African dashiki bikini in orange for women

Now is the time to talk about the prototype of women’s dashiki bikini that, far from coming from Romania for “Romania”, is one of the best-selling African swimsuits for women on Amazon despite having a higher cost than other models of your segment. Taking a quick look at it, minimalism is the protagonist in the finish of this bikini range

In the first place we are going to talk about the front part of the bikini fabric, in which we can differentiate 3 kinds of patterns: that of the embroidery of cut rectangles and horizontal lines, located on the bikini sleeves that overflow on the shoulders, the circumference with peaked openings on the left and right hand, with its classic covered with rectangles, lines and flowers and another linear embroidery and rectangles in the area of ​​the fabric that adjoins the “intimate parts”

The main layer of the bikini, the most predominant fabric, is present in an orange with a tone neither too light nor too dark. The uppermost trims, those on the sleeves, are dyed in colors that range from orange to green and black in darker tones. The horizontal stripes embroidery here are drawn in that dark green and black while the thicker stripes, some of them are in a lighter green and others in orange. One of the patterns that stand out is the embroidery with a double square and each of its curved corners, with 3 seeds on the left hand each in a shade of dark green.

We arrive at the central area of ​​the fabric, in which we see the classic African sketch printed. The core of the sketch, the circumference, is pigmented in a darker shade of orange, and of course the two tips. The following coatings that accompany this first print in a uniform tone vary in shades and print styles:

The next stroke that follows the shape of the silhouette is a uniform line in dark brown. On top of this layer are dotted lines of different sizes, the smallest being colored in white and the largest in green. It is then accompanied by another triple-coated stroke, the central part being tinted in dark green and a border above and below drawn in black. Next, we come across the rectangular patterns, which this time change to a horizontal arrangement, as do the curved sides that adjoin the core.

These last named rectangles are present in shades of light green and it is distinguished thanks to the fact that inside it uses a line that develops through vertical triangles that look up and down, and species of nuggets with the nucleus degraded in white, surrounded by a darker green and degraded again by white. The rest of the rectangles are tinted in orange, with those on the left side having peak silhouettes with white gradients looking to the right and those on the right side being silhouettes of the same type, but looking to the left.

Finishing with the last 3 coated, a uniform line with the dyeing of light green and its gradient borders in a dark green are within a uniform line in black, a penultimate line where the black echoes presence through the silhouettes of small rectangles. in black, located just below the white dots, and a last linear pattern in brown with outlines of white dots inside, from which the floral pattern that lacks flowers and is only constituted by the seeds, with a very small size and filled, comes out. of a black cape and distinguished, in turn, by a white line

The latest embroidery present in the female intimate areas has the same kind of pattern present as on the sleeves, with the particularity that some of the rectangles have rhomboidal figures printed in black and on the left and right silhouettes of peaks that look at each other with a triple shade of cladding: white, dark green and green. On the back of the bikini, the pattern used is the same as the front one, with the peculiarity that the circular outline with peak openings is slightly cut off at the top. Both the embroideries printed on the sleeves and those located in the intimate parts of the back of the bikini, endure in sketch styles and in shades

Multicolor African dashiki bikini for women

As Aibayleef gives us the possibility to obtain various ranges of dashiki bikinis using the same pattern and there is no predominant color, we have decided to divide this section into 7 different mini sections. This way you will know that they differ from each other and in one fell swoop you will find your favorite model. These are:

African dashiki bikini in multicolor yellow-purple sleeveless for women

The front part presents, as always, the circumference sketch with only a peaked outlet at the top and not at the bottom. The yellow hue is printed on the circle and 2 rectangular patterns, and has a greener hue on the upper peak of the outline

It has 10 rectangles tinted in a purple cape with inner beak silhouettes tinted in a yellow color. The yellow rectangles have differentiated silhouettes thanks to the red line used, another 4 rectangles have rhombus silhouettes in an orange line, with a black center and overflowing on a dark blue layer. The 2 curved paths that adjoin the nucleus of the sketch have silhouettes of small nuggets, with the center of these in purple and surrounded by a large red border and a thinner orange border.

The coatings in the center of the sketch are classified into two: a first uniform line in black with silhouettes of small white dots slightly separated, and a second, larger line of white layer degraded on both sides by yellow. The coating that goes over the rectangular patterns has 2 different prints: a first thickerline in red and is surrounded by a line on both sides of yellow and a second line of another solid line in black, but with outlines of points that vary to bluish and greenish tones

Next comes the floral print, characterized by the drawings of bluish-colored nuggets in a dark tone with silhouettes of white dots inside and the flowers, some of which are printed in red with a yellow border and others are present in a light blue without border. any. These last commented flowers lack large petals, which is not the case with the other group of flowers, which has two large petals with a main layer in orange and the outermost in yellow, and two small leaves printed in a dark blue

The bikini fabric extract that overflows on the hips has a floral print with large and small leaves, one on each side, emerging from the dense layer in yellow present on the part of the fabric that adjoins the buttocks. Here we have in mind a horizontal black line with the left and right ends curved in a vertical direction. Above this we have species of wave-like silhouettes and below this silhouette semi-circular outlines. Below the black line mentioned above, the seeds fall vertically with a yellow layer and the silhouette of a vertical line in the center.

Beneath this layer, the silhouette of 3 petals overflows, one of which is intact and preserves its print style and tonality, and two in which you almost only see a piece of the left and right petal respectively. A particularity present here is that below and on the largest petals, we have 2 small red leaves. Finally tell you that these silhouettes are distinguished thanks to 2 white lines present on the black layer of this part of the fabric, being developed first in a vertical sense and then in a curved sense. The same silhouette that we see on the front we see it drawn in a choppy way between the sleeves and the peak finish, from where each of the strings that support and tighten the bikini meet

African dashiki bikini in multicolor black-white sleeveless for women

The style of swimsuit and print used is the same as the previous commented range, so we are not going to elaborate so much and we are going to tell you the differences it presents: the central silhouette goes from being the predominant layer in black to white. The silhouettes that follow the shape of the sketch change, first of all, the circle to a dark brown color, some lines go from yellow and red tones to uniform greens, the rectangular prints with peak silhouettes go from being purple to a wine color, some of them, and others in black

The rectangular prints with an orange layer with yellow silhouettes are preserved and the rhomboidal figures go from being orange to green, all of them overflowing on a black layer. The curved line that borders the roundel goes from having reddish and purple tones to greenish tones combined with black. Fixing our eyes on the floral print, the seeds go from being pigmented from dark blue to black, preserving the silhouette of 3 white points inside.

On the other hand, the flowers with a white layer with a black border, have 2 large petals and 4 small leaves. The largest leaves are predominantly green with both edges drawn in a darker shade of green. The smallest petals are black . Those that are tinted in a dark green and keeping that black border, lack petals

The back is exactly the same and its tones vary from light green in the embroidery around the silhouette, the wine color in the circle, a green color also in the seeds and the line in a double horizontal and curved direction that overflows on a black cape and in wine. These seeds are covered by lines of white dots and the flowers here maintain their layers and borders, with the particularity that the predominant layer becomes green and the ones covered in orange, with the small leaves that are located above and below the the petals, which change from red to black

African dashiki bikini in multicolor black-green sleeveless for women

In this range, the pattern changes regardless of the circle of the sketch, since it borders precisely on the excess fabric that goes on the neck and shoulders. Now, the tones and style of the upper sketch are similar to that of the first commented range of this section of African bikinis:

Purple, yellow layered rectangles with upward sloping peak silhouettes in yellow and diamond shapes differentiated by the conjunction of green, black and dark blue. The embroidery on the neck and the peak is also preserved, as are those covered in shape and tonality used. The flowery outlines are also preserved

The particularity is found in the area that borders the intimate parts and the shape of the back of the back, which changes slightly. Starting with the intimate parts, the rectangular embroideries in a horizontal sense and in an oblique arrangement reappear on the scene, the linear embroideries drawn in the shape of triangles looking up and down, the spiral embroideries and a last stroke of a circle below 180ºC, with its corresponding floral coating

The silhouettes printed on the rectangles are sketches of lines and diamonds, the same as other models, and are differentiated thanks to the internal tone in green and the outermost tone in orange, combined simultaneously by the black layer of the smallest diamonds in the silhouette. main rhomboid in green and black stripes with outlines of white dots inside, which separate each of the rectangular prints

The spirals are differentiated by the joint green and black stroke while in the floral print and the circle, the latter is filled in a green tone, with silhouettes of waves and semi-circles inside distinguished by the black color, a dense layer in green where the seeds go above it, differentiated by the black frame and the silhouette of a vertical black line inside them. The petals of the flower retain the double tone except for the small leaves, which go from being purple to green. The flowers that do not lack petals are tinted in dark blue and the others in white

The back of the back has a greater volume than that of the first range, with a zipper in the center of it. The pointed outline is present in the same style and tonality, as are its flowery outlines and larger and smaller petals. Finally, the back area of ​​the fabric that overflows over the buttocks, uses the same pattern as that of the front part except for one of the outlines, which goes from being a yellow circle to a light green triangle finish with the peak facing towards under

African dashiki bikini in multicolour opaque white-orange sleeveless for women

This range is the same as the previous one mentioned in terms of the style of printing in the front and back area, as is the case with the first 2 ranges in this segment. The first difference is that its predominant coat varies from a black color to a white color. The peak of the v silhouette turns from a greenish tone to a dark red. The silhouette of its interior in black is still intact. Neck trim changes to greenish tones, overflowing on a black cape

The rhombus figures of 2 of the rectangles go from being orange to a light green differentiated thanks to the black layer that goes under these silhouettes. Rectangular embroideries that have pointed-down silhouettes in gold go from purple to black. The innermost silhouette of the v is distinguished by a duality of color used: black and wine.

The floral sketch varies in some of its shades. The first of these are the nuggets, which go from being purple to black. The petals go from being the predominant layer in orange to being the predominant green, with light traces of green in the largest petals. The four smallest leaves turn from purple to black. Specifically, a group of the flowers are dyed in a black layer and differentiated by a black border while the others, go from being purple to a dark green and surrounded, also, by a complete black line

Focusing our attention on the front part of the intimate parts, the vertical and oblique rectangular embroideries, the spiral embroideries and the circumference of less than 180ºc covered with flowers and seeds, also varies in its tonality with respect to the previous range. . All the silhouettes present here except for the seeds, a curved line and the petals, go from being present in a duality of green-orange tones to a rusty orange-black

The nuggets become printed in a more greenish layer, maintaining that silhouette of a vertical line inside, which goes from being black to red. The curved stroke also changes to a green tint and the petals undergo the same transformation as the one discussed above. The same happens with the leaves, which continue to maintain their black color

The bikini area that adjoins the back, as with the previous ranges discussed, does not vary at all, neither in printed pattern styles nor in shades, in which only the color of the triangle-shaped silhouette changes with the downward-facing bill, turning from light green to burgundy

African dashiki bikini in multicolor blue-yellow sleeveless for women

This model is printed with the same kind of stamping as the last two commented ranges. The predominant layer becomes a striking yellow shade. Focusing firstly on the upper part of the front, the neck embroideries are now in yellowish tones with a silhouette inside that is differentiated thanks to the pink cape that overflows over them

A pink that is also present in 6 rectangular patterns. This tonality also coincides with the silhouettes of the interior of each of the rectangles, which in all are outlines peaking down, all tinted in yellow. The 2 remaining rectangular patterns go from being orange to a cream color, and inside the two it has silhouettes in a yellow hue

We could not forget that the rhombus outlines present in 2 other rectangles use a triple hue: the rhombuses in yellow, the inner layer in black and the outermost layer in pink. The peak of the silhouette is present in a pink with a darker tone . The following coatings mix yellow lines with pink rims and a uniform line in black with yellow and pink dotted outlines

Regarding the pattern of flowers, seeds and petals, all the flowers maintain the same style of tonality: a white layer surrounded by a black outline, having a group of flowers with petals and others without petals. The group of flowers with petals have the largest ones with a predominant layer in yellow and the edges surrounded by orange strokes. The smallest leaves turn pink

The rectangular trims, the spiral frames and the floral-lined rectangle on the front of the intimate areas go from having a muted black-orange duality to a dull pink-orange. The seeds in this area go from being green to a slightly dark pink, preserving that vertical line in the center of each of the seeds

This also happens with the silhouettes of leaves and flowers, which maintain the style of print and tonality used in the floral sketch located in the upper part of this garment. The back of the bikini also preserves the print style and the shades except for the triangular silhouette projected downwards, which varies from a wine color to a pink color

African dashiki bikini in multicolor black-yellow with sleeves for women

The printing of this model varies both in the upper area and in the lower area. Since we found a similar model to this one that we will just comment on, we have decided to classify the 2 models according to the stamping style used:


As the heading says, this is one of the main silhouettes that appears in this model but there are many more. The area of ​​the fabric that covers the breasts not only changes the silhouette print but also the shape of the fabric, which becomes much lower-cut than other models in the same segment

Focusing our attention on the neckline area, it changes from a spiky circumference sketch to a circle silhouette, which has a choppy layout given the shape of the fabric here. The circle is tinted yellow and the interior silhouettes are distinguished by the use of a black outline

The seeds retain the vertical black stripe on the inside and the flower pattern has the predominant layer in orange with the edges colored in yellow. The smallest petals are orange. From here come the flowers in navy blue and those without petals are dyed white. If we turn our gaze towards the front outline of the intimate areas, we see the outline of a v with the beak inverted and without any worthwhile circumferences. The floral prints here, some of them remain in white while the others go from being navy blue to orange layers, surrounded by a yellow line

The petals continue to maintain the double tonality similar to the petals that adjoin the ring above and, unlike the upper sketch, this one does have small nuggets, which become navy blue like the small leaves of the red flowers. The peak silhouette maintains the same tonality in the linear tiles (orange-yellow) and in each of the vertical rectangles (purple, yellow and light green layers of the peak embroidery)

Finally, we can comment on the embroidery used on the sleeves, in the area of ​​the low-cut back of the bikini and the part of the fabric that adjoins the buttocks. The circular print with openings at the top and bottom maintains the style in each of the rectangular prints, the silhouettes of the interior, the linear coating that borders the circle, as it is presented in the black-green range already discussed in advance

In the part of the fabric that overflows on the buttocks, another circular print is used with an opening only in the upper part. This sketch is similarly printed on both sleeves. Finally, tell you that in the area of ​​the coconut there is a zipper attached , which acts as a support and has almost entirely printed several linear embroideries in an oblique arrangement. The green lines have orange vertical stripes on the inside and each line is separated by uniform black stripes in an oblique arrangement.

The last oblique lines are present in shades of gray and cream, except for the uppermost embroidery, which becomes rectangular embroidery in orange and green colors. The 4 orange rectangles here are differentiated by silhouettes in the form of circles with the inner layer in black and at the same time surrounded by a green line. The other 2 rectangles in the silhouette that form a v are devoid of silhouettes and come in a uniform shade of green


The first difference is clearly reflected in this first heading above, so we are going to tell you that this variant of the black-yellow range presents other peculiarities in some of its prints: First of all, you have to know that the front area of ​​this bikini does not It is so low-cut and the print used in the fabric that covers the female bust is different

We changed the circle silhouette for a small outline of a cut circle with a peak opening at the top covered by its corresponding floral print. On both sides of this drawing are linear embroidered lines and rectangular prints, both arranged in a horizontal direction first and then in a curved direction

Rectangular, lined embroidery that follows the shape of the silhouette is printed in the same hue as other black ranges of swimwear. The difference is found in the embroidery on both sides of the drawing, which have some rectangles with two vertical stripes and others with a horizontal stripe, all dyed in green

In the rest of the rectangular sketches, the predominant layer is the black one, distinguished by the green silhouettes used inside them. 3 of the 4 linear cladding have the thickest layer in green with black vertical striped silhouettes inside. A last stroke that overflows on a black layer is developed by silhouettes of green dots

This same print, but in a vertical sense, the full embroidery itself and its internal prints horizontally, is used in the area of ​​the sleeves that adjoin the shoulders. The petals of the circular cladding of less than 180ºC maintain the predominant hue in orange and the less predominant in green, with the smallest petals in orange and a group of the flowers in navy blue and others in light blue

The same silhouette that is printed in the area of ​​the fabric that adjoins the center of the 2 breasts, is used on the 2 edges of the bikini sleeves, both the type of pattern and the tonality of each of the sketches. The lower front and back of the area that adjoins the intimate parts, uses the same kind of pattern:

A first horizontal covering of vertical rectangle embroidery with silhouettes in horizontal arrangement inside them, a second circular embroidery with its covering of flowers, seeds and leaves, a third embroidery with oblique spiral silhouettes, a fourth embroidery of lines fine uniforms in green with black borders, having inside them a kind of embroidery similar to the one we have present in the waist, with the particularity that it goes from having a horizontal arrangement to a peak arrangement, keeping the interior rectangles vertically as as with the edging of the waist. The top of the rear areaIt does not have a zipper and on both sides of the upper back of the bikini it presents this same pattern of oblique lines, as we see in the butt area

African dashiki bikini in wine-white multicolor with sleeves for women

Duality of different pigments in this range but not for that in the patterns used. Because in fact, the same thing happens to this model as the black-yellow range: there are two variants since their prints vary from one model to another. We go with the first variant:


This model continues to stand out for a very low-cut and sensual front back. The circle present in this area of ​​the fabric and predisposed in a choppy way, varies from a yellow tone to a wine tone. The sketches present inside vary from black to green, as does the outline in the shape of a circle. The seeds, which overflow on the dense black layer of the roundel, turn from yellow to green. All of them continue to retain the classic vertical stripe outline present in all the models in the segment, which is distinguished by the black contrast printed on the stripe

The largest petals invert their predominant layers, becoming the orange at the edge of the leaves and the green occupying a large part of the volume of the petals. They still keep the 4 small leaves in a black color and a part of the flowers are tinted white and surrounded by a black line, while another group of flowers turn dark green and are also rounded by a black border

In intimate areas, navy blue, orange or green cease to have prominence to give way to black, wine, orange or green. A slight peak appears in which we see 4 rectangles in a vertical arrangement, 2 of them in black with silhouettes of points oriented upwards, another 2 in orange with green silhouettes inside and a last embroidery of a peak in a wine color. The green is filled in one of the lines that follow the silhouette of the peak, characterized by being uniform, while the black is not completely uniform since inside it presents outlines of white dots. A last stroke in a lighter red completes this beautiful print

The floral print of this bikini area remains intact with the peculiarity that it adds the small nuggets between the flowers and the peak silhouette. They are all stained black. The green flowers are the ones that are devoid of petals and the white ones have it all. It’s time to head to the sleeves, where the two outlines of circles with pointed outlets at the top and bottom take center stage. The bottom tip is more visible than the top one, since it is more cut than the bottom one

It maintains the same printing style in the rectangles, in the lines that follow the silhouette and in the circumference of the vaginal area, in the tonality used in each of them as well as their silhouettes. The floral outline along with the seeds is still present, with some seeds that go from the edge of the sleeves to the shoulders.

We just told you that the back, in addition to having some very sensual finishes, has another outline of a peak in the buttock area with a circumference that is much more visible than in the front part. It retains the zipper on the back that adjoins the coconut and those linear and rectangular finishes in v, which go from being green, orange and brown to being green and brown in a darker tone, and the classic black present in both ranges


How our headlines begin is a clear example of the variety that this type of print offers us. In this case, this black-wine range is differentiated by the following aspects: A less low-cut front back, where the central semi-circle silhouette predominates with a peak opening at the top, rectangular and linear embroidery, with the ends in a curved arrangement and the center in a horizontal sense, the rectangular embroidery finishes in an oblique direction and in the shape of a beak, where the circle less than 180º C borders on the upper part of the sleeves, the same circular finish with a peak in the part from above on the edge of both sleeves and the quadruple lined of the intimate parts

The circular outline with split beak openings goes from greenish, orange and purple to yellow, black and pink. We see pink present in all the flowers, without any border in any of the flowers. The petals have a predominantly dark green layer and the edges (less predominant layer) in light green. The smaller leaves are dark green. The little nuggets here, which spill over onto a white layer, are stained black . In addition, the buds continue to have that particularity of some covered by larger and smaller petals, and others free of both

Fixing our gaze on the embroidery on both sides of the central silhouette and the upper ends of the sleeves, we see that the low cut has linear, rectangular and spiral embroidery, the sleeves lacking linear. Each of the lines are differentiated thanks to the fact that some use uniform black strokes, others almost uniform due to the presence of green dots inside, other green stripes separated by small black vertical stripes inside, until reaching the rectangular prints , which are combined by green and black, being the green tinted in the silhouettes and the black used as a layer that goes under them

The arrangement of the rectangular cuffs on the sleeves, as we have commented beforehand, changes to an oblique direction and forms an inverted v. The sketches and matching tones of the interior of each one of them do not vary. The circle is tinted black , inside it has a curved line in green and the peculiarity here is that the seeds overflow this time on a black layer, being printed in green

The petals and flowers here continue to maintain the same style of print and tonality as that mentioned in the silhouette of the center of the busts. The same as the semi-hoop silhouette with a top opening that comes out of the edges of both sleeves. They maintain their predominant layer in black and the tonality of each of the rectangles, the linear cladding and the floral outline. It is time to talk about the quadruple coating present in the front and back of the private parts:

In it we find something not seen throughout the garment, and it is the mixture of silhouettes vertically in some rectangles and horizontal in others and linear patterns, similar to those we see on the low-cut back from the front, in a vertical sense. The most predominant outlines are those that are inclined horizontally, being twice that of the others. All of them, as always, the silhouettes in green and their cape in black are combined

Another distinction is that on the front we can only see 3 of the 4 coated ones, something that does not happen on the reverse, in which we can clearly see the coated that we cannot see ahead, and it is none other than an embroidery of vertical rectangles in the direction oblique forming an inverted v,similar to what we see on the upper end of the sleeves. The back of this range does not have a zipper and the upper part of it presents a similarity and a particularity:

The similarity is the embroidery of rectangles and lines in an oblique direction but the particularity is the printing of each one of them, where the finishes of lines vary and become horizontal and all the silhouettes inside the rectangles become be in a vertical arrangement. The embroidery in the back area of ​​the upper end of the sleeves is dyed by linear, rectangle and linear prints in the shape of a v and not in an inverted v as was the case beforehand

African dashiki bikini set sleeveless and with shorts in black for women

Model present in another store that does not start with E and end with Y. We are effectively referring to Etsy , and more specifically, to the luck you have to have such a coveted seller in the sector as ContinentClothing that, if it stands out for something, it is because offer African outfits that you won’t find anywhere other than their store. Obviously we could not ignore the comment and purchase this African bikini clothing from our site. These are the kinds of patterns and shades projected throughout its fabric and its accessories:

The predominant layer that differs with the different silhouettes is black and each of the present outlines are pigmented in green, white, red and yellow. This garment is easily distinguished due to its “heterogeneity” present in outlines of circumferences, in which in one part they are almost complete, in others they are cut in which only the tip or part of the 180ºC circle protrudes, in others they are with only the floral covering, in others they have rectangular prints next to the floral covering, other areas with only linear and vertical embroidery, and another where we see a quarter circle, or what is the same, a 90ºC circle

White is used as a layer that overflows over each of the nuggets that adjoin the peak finishes and the circumferences of different characters, whose nuggets are printed in green and a slight outline of black inside. Golden hues such as yellow and green are used in the lines that cover the beak silhouettes and circles, and in the outlines of straight and inverted beaks, both in the vertical and horizontal borders. Red is intended for the nuclei of the pointed sketch, the main layer of the roundel and the gradients of the petals

Green and red are also used as the main layer in rectangular prints and in flowers, whose predominant layer is greenish and all are surrounded by a yellow color. Black and white is also important since it is used in some linear cladding, all of which vary in uniform and non-uniform tones with filled and unfilled dotted outlines inside

Where are each of the embroidery and prints located? On the edge of the short sleeves, the horizontal embroidery overflows with peak silhouettes looking left and right, and in a horizontal direction. On the right sleeve of the shorts we have the 90ºC circle and on the right the pointed end with an elongated v shape. Going to the loop that supports both busts, we see another peak finish printed but this time in a horizontal sense and with a very choppy shape

Another finish similar to that of the knot but vertically appears printed in the embroidery that supports the upper part of this set of feminine dashiki swimsuit. Just above this girdle, it has floral print finishes in which on the right hand they come out of a circular pattern and others lack circular coverings, all of them overflowing on the black layer of the fabric of this model

Right in the center of the 2 busts, it has a triple linear embroidery on each side, similar to the trim present on both sides of the edge of the short sleeves, but this time it changes from a horizontal to a vertical arrangement. The back of this bikini set is patterned with sketches similar to what we see in the front area and in the same position except for the triple vertical stripes embroidery, which is only present on the front of the low-cut blouse

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Dashiki jumpsuits for boys and girls Etsy

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African Dashikis V Print T-shirts for Boys and Girls

It is the most demanded outfit by customers and with the most mass manufacture of the entire segment of children’s dashiki. This model stands out for having the v-shaped outline in the center, its lined in linear lines, the floral lining, the circular prints and the embroidery on the lower edge of the shirt and sleeves. Within this segment we find different ranges of t-shirts with African dashiki v prints for boys and girls:

Yellow African Dashiki V Print T-Shirt for Boys and Girls

Green, black, pink and orange take center stage in this model. The v-shaped silhouette begins with a black outline covered with white dots on the inside. Subsequently, the next line comes covered by an orange layer in a light tone and surrounded by a black line on both sides

It has 6 vertical rectangles which are tinted in light pink, hotter pink and green. Inside each one of them it has outlines differentiated by darker tones that vary between black, dark green and white. Another 6 rectangles are printed horizontally and their shades vary in light orange, beige, gray and light pink.

The seeds are light green, the flowers that have petals are black, these petals being pink. Flowers lacking petals are printed in dark green. All the flowers, inside, have outlines of white dots. Finally, the corner circles are orange, with a kind of floral outline similar to the v-shape in the center. Dyed in pink and black we have the embroidery of spirals and the inside of the vertical rectangles on the edge of the sleeves and the shirt

African Dashiki V Print T-Shirt in Mexican Pink for Boys and Girls

A bright pink not discussed so far. This model changes the tonality of almost all the sketches of the v-silhouette, of the seeds, the flowers, the petals and the finishes on the edge of the sleeves and the shirt.

The innermost silhouettes that give shape to the v retain their black surround but the tones change to light green colors . The rectangular prints change to shades of light green and dark green, exempting the light pink color present in the first commented range. The v peak is still present in white. The seeds, with a more elongated shape, become printed in an opaque green and the flowers some in dark green and others in black

The dark green ones do not have leaves and the black ones do, being printed in light green and silhouettes of small black leaves inside. The interior white dot patterns remain. Specifically, the embroidery on the sleeves and the t-shirt, the spiral frame changes to light green tones, preserving the black and the rectangle embroidery has green present in light and dark tones, excluding the pink tone, and the vertical stripes that separate them. in black, gray and red

African Dashiki V Print T-Shirt in Orange for Boys and Girls

In this range, V’s silhouette does not change either in its pattern styles or in the printed tones, except for the seeds, whose interior hue is present in a slightly more opaque tone than the pink range.

The same goes for the floral sketch. The flowers that do have petals are printed in the same hue but not the rest of the flowers, their hue becomes a subtly lighter dark green. The embroidered edges of the shirt and sleeves maintain their style in the design of spirals, linear lines and outlines of rectangles and vertical stripes, the latter being printed in a lighter red

The circumferences of the corners maintain the blue layer of the previous range and the floral coating present in the silhouette of the center, with the particularity that in these two circles the sketches of seeds are less elongated, are tinted green and have a black fence all of them

African Dashiki V Print T-Shirt in Green for Boys and Girls

We continue to preserve the style and tonality of each of the vertical, horizontal and outlined rectangles that follow the shape of a v in the center silhouette, as is the case with the pink and orange range

The nuggets that adjoin this bozo have a less opaque layer printed in light green. The same happens with a group of flowers, which become slightly lighter dark green than the orange range. The rest of the flowers still retain black and light green on the large petals. The two circles in the corners change from blue to orange, with a flower and seed outline that remain intact.

The rectangular, linear and spiral embroideries on the edge of the sleeves and the shirt with the exception retain their style and almost all their shades, where only the linear trims on the edge of the shirt are printed in a darker green hue. The vertical lines that separate the rectangle prints change to a shade other than green, and they turn orange in a subtly dark shade.

Light Blue African Dashiki V Print T-Shirt For Boys And Girls

Another range that continues to keep the v-shaped silhouette in the center intact, but with the seeds and a series of flowers that vary in their shades, the seeds turning from a light green to a striking orange, and the flowers from green to magenta. The rest retain the tonality and the sketch of small dots

We will see the same coating of flower and seed prints located above the edge of the circles, with a nuance in the petals that we missed telling you in the first paragraph: the green leaves have a more noticeable black border

The corner circles change from orange to red and the floral coating is similar to that of the figure in the center peak. The spiral, line and rectangle embroideries still retain the same shades as the green t-shirt, with the particularity that the orange vertical stripes are slightly less opaque

African Dashiki V Print T-Shirt in Violet for Boys and Girls

The v-shaped finish has each of the patterns inside in more contrasting tones: yellow, green and blue in a rougher tone. In addition, two of the horizontally arranged rectangles, those that are located higher, go from having a uniform prisoner with thicker and less thick stripes to having the thickest stripe filled at the top and bottom by semicircles that look at each other.

The seeds go from being printed in orange to a cream color, like a series of flowers, which in this tone are solitary and lack small and large leaves. The rest of the flowers are black and their petals turn yellow, preserving those outlines of black stems inside.

The corner circles change from red to orange hues and retain a blue curved stroke like the light blue gamut. Finally, the spiral embroidery becomes a more contrasting green, as is the case with the linear frames and the sketches of rectangles and lines that separate it, the latter becoming even more contrasting green than the previous one and the other. rest its appearances vary as it happens with the central silhouette

Sky Blue African Dashiki V Print T-Shirt for Boys and Girls

In this range, the v-shaped beak figure is printed in the same shades, from the innermost line to the outermost and even almost in the shade of the seeds and a group of flowers, which although it retains the creamy tone, it passes to be a little more opaque than the violet gamut

The other hue that also changes is that of the petals, which turn from yellow to light green. The silhouettes inside are preserved. The corner circles change from orange to red, where they retain the particularity also present in the violet range: the green layer under the seeds

As for the edges of the sleeves and ends of the fabric, 3 of its sketches maintain the print style, like the rest, and their tonality, the latter being different in the rest of the vertical rectangular sketches, vertical stripes and the embroidery of spirals, which have more contrasting colors

African Dashiki V Print T-Shirt in Red for Boys and Girls

A range that is barely distant from the central silhouette except for the 2 horizontal stripes that border on top of a thicker horizontal stripe present in two of the horizontally arranged rectangular patterns, which becomes a more noticeable green.

The colors of the seeds and the flowers occupied by petals also vary. The seeds go from being in that creamy look to a showy magenta. The buds occupied by large leaves, the black ones, go from being a more opaque green to a slightly less opaque green

The corner circles go from being printed in red to a harsh green, with the overflowing layer over the seeds being a duller green. It remains to talk about each of the embroideries, where everything maintains its print and its tonality except for the vertical stripes that separate the rectangular patterns on the edge of the shirt, which become blue in dark tones

White African Dashiki V Print T-Shirt for Boys and Girls

This range preserves the silhouette in va, except for 2 of the vertical rectangular prints, which are now printed in a light orange while preserving the silhouette in the center of it.

Its floral prints are also different in comparison to the previous range: the flowers and seeds change from magenta to dark green and the petals turn to a yellow hue . Tell you that in this range and all the commented ones, the peak print of the v outline is always present, its predominant layer in white and the rustic silhouette of its interior in black

The circles on the sides change from green to red and the layer that overflows under the seeds to an orange in rusty hue. The embroidery on the sleeves and the lower edge of the fabric are now dyed in more contrasting pigments , and the vertical line that separates each of the rectangular prints changes from a dark blue to a sober red

Within this range we find several models which one and the other are differentiated according to the triple tonality that they have printed and resembled because they all use the same shade in their predominant layer: white. These are the most prominent:

T-shirt with African dashiki V print in triple white-blue-green tonality for boys and girls

This model and all those that we will discuss below stand out for having more than two colors. In this case, the triple pigment used is very clear: White is intended for the predominant layer and some silhouettes of the peaked outline in the center

Blue is intended for one of the lines that adopt a v-shape, present inside the peak pattern, for linear patterns and a certain number of rectangles in the embroidery on the sleeves and on the shirt.

While the last one to comment, the green one, is intended for the sketches of the interior of some rectangles, the circles in the corners, the embroidery in spirals, the seeds, the flowers, which vary in a darker green, and the linear pattern developed in triangular lines located on the edge of the shirt

T-shirt with African dashiki V print in triple white-yellow-orange tone for boys and girls

Yellow is intended for 4 rectangles in the peak silhouette, these sketches being the linear ones in non-uniform lines with circular finishes in the four corners, the same for some vertical rectangles on the sleeves and the edge of the shirt, for the petals, where the tonality of the seeds and a series of the flowers do not vary, maintaining their dark green color, for the spiral embroidery and the last stroke of the lower end projected in a right and reverse triangular direction in a vertical arrangement

The orange begins to be tinted in the circumferences of the corners, in the line that follows the shape of a v, in sketches of horizontal lines inside the rectangles of the central silhouette, two lines of horizontal lines at the lower end of the lines. sleeves and the T-shirt and the inner layer of some rectangles located on the edge embroidery

The white tonality is present in the predominant layer, which is the most uniform fabric of the shirt, and for two rectangles with 5 rhombus silhouettes inside. Less predominant is red, which is found in the vertical stripes that separate the rectangles inside the piping on the edge of the shirt and sleeves.

T-shirt with African dashiki V print in triple white-green-purple tonality for boys and girls

In this model, the purple range is only present in the circles on the sides. This color is not used in the layer in which the seeds overflow, which are a strong green. The floral outlines here as well as those of the central silhouette, a group of these flowers are of a more opaque green and a lighter green is destined for the petals of both silhouettes

Green echoes presence also in the nuggets, in the v line located in the internal part of the v sketch, for the sketches of non-uniform lines and horizontal lines inside some rectangles and for the spiral edging, stamps linear and almost all the rectangles of both borders

Red is the exception, as we find it present in the same pattern as the white-yellow-orange range. The same goes for white, which is still printed in the peak finish of the central silhouette and in the rectangles that have five diamond silhouettes in black.

T-shirt with African dashiki V print in triple white-blue-pink tonality for boys and girls

In this range, the shades do not vary in intensity as the models discussed so far do. This is the particularity that differentiates it from the rest. The white layer is printed in 5 outlines of the interior of the v-shaped silhouette, being present in the same rectangles and as a color that stands out from the rest

The colorful pink is tinted in the middle line and two outer ones that follow the shape of the v-shaped silhouette, for 4 rectangles, for the seeds and the solitary flowers. This at the top. In the embroideries that limit the end of the sleeves and the shirt, this tonality is present in the circles on the sides, in the petals, the frame with spiral outlines, two linear strokes and for the rectangles that have rhombus silhouettes of black color inside

Specifically, we see blue present in the non-uniform outlines and with 4 corner circles, in two horizontal rectangles and one of the outermost lines that follow the shape of the v. In the embroidery of the shirt, just below the whole, the line developed in the form of triangles inclined up and down is printed in this range

T-shirt with African dashiki V print in double white-red tone for boy and girl

This model is the one that differs the most from the segment of white dashiki t-shirts for boys and girls given the type of pattern used, which happens to have a more elongated peak outline, the outlines of circles are no longer on the sides to be located in the lower front of the garment and a floral outline that covers most of the garment

The edging of the neck and the rectangular prints inside the v also vary in their prints, the first one to have a dense red layer with sketches of white seeds and the second, which happens to have the silhouettes of beaks facing down. printed in red and diamond-printed in a triple color: white, red and black

The peak finish of the central silhouette is also in red, with the black silhouette being the same as the one we see on other models. The seeds, a group of the flowers and the petals become dyed red and the rest of the buds black. If we refine the view, we can see 4 small leaves with a very fine black border and with a white layer only on the leaves that have the two large petals

The circumferences and a series of lines of the central silhouette are dyed red, with the peculiarity that it has a curved line in a lighter red inside these two rings. The seeds here, unlike the figure that borders the neck, overflow on a dense red layer, the seeds being distinguished thanks to those 3-point outlines present in this and all the commented ranges of this and other segments

T-shirt with V-print of African dashiki in quadruple tonality white-blue-brown-yellow for boys and girls

The most minimalist of the entire segment. The predominant layer is white and is combined by a contrasting embroidery in v in golden tones, and in blues and browns of dark tones present in various patterns

The patterns of the peak finish also vary, going to have outlines of beaks inclined upwards, of rhombuses (which continues to be preserved), the trim of the neck with horizontal nuggets and so does the prints of the sleeves, which happen to have a simpler finish in a double embroidery: a black stroke with white dots inside and another dark brown embroidery with beak silhouettes facing to the right

We find dark brown present in the embroideries of the peak silhouettes facing upwards, in the embroidery on the neck, in the peak print and on the edge of the sleeves . All the silhouettes of these prints are printed in yellowish tones. In the embroidery with rhomboid figures they have this double but inverted tonality, with the outermost layers that form silhouettes of triangles in yellow and the rhombuses in dark brown

Another yellow stroke but crossed out by horizontal lines that follows the appearance of the v, overflows on a dark layer and a trace with sketches on the left hand on one side, and on the right hand on the other side, are printed in a light green. This model lacks flowers and petals but not seeds, which all have an outer and inner border in black. These seeds are distinguished by the dark blue outline that is printed in the middle of these two frames.

Boys Blue African Dashiki V Print Button Up Short Sleeve Shirt in Blue

A range sold entirely on Etsy by seller DivineChildDesigns. We decided to comment on it given its exclusivity and high demand in this store. The design used in the fabric is not too far from what has already been seen but has the peculiarity that the prints here, especially the circles on the sides and the edges of the sleeves and the shirt, are larger.

That is the first difference. The second is the bright yellow that it uses in the circumferences of the corners, in some of its flowers, in the embroidery on the sleeves and the lower end of the shirt and in some of the rectangles and a trace of the interior of the silhouette in v. The rest of the rectangles here, which are the rhombus figures and the pointed finish, are differentiated thanks to the fact that it uses a subtle white gradient between the main layer and the silhouette itself.

The third difference is that the v-shaped finish in the center does not present floral outlines, only seeds that are tinted in a strong yellow and surrounded, in turn, by a bluish line darker than the appearance of the predominant layer. By the way, we happened to tell you that the floral outline of the circumferences located in the corners has one of the flowers in a strong yellow, the rest in a dark blue and the petals present in the bluish flowers vary in yellowish and bluish tones slightly more opaque all surrounded by a dark blue border

The solitary flowers have a small nugget just below the stem, pigmented in the same hue as these flower-free buds, turned upside down with the tip up and the head down. The fifth difference is seen in the neck trim, where it uses the printed embroidery on the sleeves and the bottom of the fabric in a not only vertical but also horizontal and colorful arrangement in the same shades

All these prints are printed except for the stripes with silhouettes of spikes looking to the right and left, the spiral embroidery and those with a pointed finish, which are only found on the sleeves. Here the rectangular prints are at all times in a vertical direction and the spiral frame covers the pointed finish, also printed in a rough yellow

Finally, the sixth difference is found in the embroidery of the sleeves where it uses the spiral borders, the rectangular ones in vertical with outlines inside and the linear ones in a triangular layout up and down except the 4 linear patterns that most adjoin the edges of the sleeve, which are those of the peaked lines in a horizontal direction and slanted to the left in one of the lines, and another of the lines to the right and the 3 uniform lines of horizontal lines in a dark blue with sketches of white dots inside

African dashikis jackets or blazers for boys and girls

A section that covers only 2 models clearly distinguished by the color of their predominant coat. Heetey is the cause of having these models available in the market. These children’s dashiki coats are characterized by having circle silhouettes, peak finishes, rectangular embroidery and floral prints, both horizontally and vertically.

African Dashiki Jacket or Blazer in Sky Blue for Boys and Girls

The first thing to highlight is the neck trim, which happens to be exempt from any type of embroidery and outline by a uniform layer in black. Starting to walk through this garment from here, we see three hoop sketches: one on the upper ends of both sleeves and one on the upper right side of the jacket. This last circle has a choppy shape because it passes through the zipper area

Inside it has a line with horizontal lines that cross this curved line, all in white, similar to the layer that overflows on the seeds, which are printed in a triple tonality: the inner and outer in a black frame and the intermediate of these two in a white and red fence. All the flowers have petals covered by an inner line in white and an outermost one in black, with some small leaves inside the petals in black and others in blue.

The flowers vary in the hue of the border used in their layers, some being black covered by a white line and others black with a golden border. The right sleeve presents the same embroidery of models from other segments in a vertical sense that reaches the edge of the sleeve, with a finish similar to that of the neck. The left sleeve is free of prints

On the front part of the jacket it presents a different print style on the right and left side: on the right side, in addition to what has already been mentioned, the silhouette below encompasses vertical linear prints with right and inverted peak outlines printed in tones. red and blue, and right next to it it has horizontal embroidery, with the same kind of pattern. On the right hand side, we see two outlines of the beak, the one that is higher inclined upwards vertically and the one that is lower oriented to the right and horizontally.

Within the rectangles of these peak finishes, it presents the same silhouettes as other models, the peak silhouettes being printed on a red layer and the rhombus silhouettes on a blue layer. Specifically, on the edge of the jacket it presents straight flowers and printed in the same pigment as the floral prints

African dashiki jacket or blazer in black for boy and girl

This blazer varies radically in the printing of the patterns: the circles become barely visible, the linear trims are given greater prominence with rectangle silhouettes and a subtle peak finish is printed in the area that adjoins the edge of both sleeves

The collar and sleeve ends remain unchanged and are still printed on a solid layer of black viscose. On the sides that adjoin the zipper of the blazer, it is finished in a choppy peak, with the rectangular prints that have rhombus figures in a triple yellow-white-green hue and those that have outlines of spikes facing upwards on a red cape.

This first embroidery lacks flowers and petals but not seeds, which are printed on a white layer and the seeds are drawn in a first conspicuous line in black, then a more subtle one in white and a last touch in black again. In the lower area of ​​the front of the jacket, on the right hand side, it has horizontal flower sketches and looking downwards in which they do have petals as well as seeds.

And on the left hand side, it has printed a circular sketch cut in half vertically that lacks both petals and buds. Finally, the sleeves present a disparity in the part that adjoins the shoulder or the hands: on the top, the one closest to the shoulders, the right sleeve has a V-print with sketches of nuggets and on the bottom , a more noticeable peak outline with its innermost silhouette in red is printed next to 3 linear tiles in different shades and styles

African dashikis V print sweatshirts for boys and girls

Investigating this section online, we only find this model for sale on Amazon by the seller Hidend. It stands out for having its cape in red and having a v-shaped silhouette printed that covers almost the entire predominant layer if we include, in addition to this figure, the floral print. These are the shades it presents:

African Dashiki V Print Sweatshirt for Boys and Girls

Starting with the trim on the neck, it has a rectangular embroidery on each side where the predominant layer is white, on top of it there are overflowing silhouettes of diamonds colored in black, then it has a non-uniform line in yellow and two uniform lines in dark blue and yellow again. The vertical blue line has 3 outlines of white dots

The next two rectangles in the central silhouette are oriented horizontally and each is separated by solid black lines. The top 2 rectangle sketches use triangle shapes down on the top edge and up on the bottom edge. Right between these two silhouettes they use 5 “+” signs.

The 2 rectangular stamps that are below use lines developed in a triangular direction up and down, successively. There are 3 strokes in total, the middle one being tinted in yellow and the remaining 2 in white. Above the blue layer of the uppermost triangular stroke of these rectangles, you have 2 outlines of white dots. While on the blue layer that is below the stripe in the lower triangular sense, it has 2 sketches of triangles inclined upwards

The lines that separate each of these rectangles, although they all have a black layer, the style of these vary in each of them: The line that separates the 2 uppermost horizontal rectangular embroideries with the two vertically that limit the neck, has outlines of white dots on the black cape and a border on the upper edge . The next line is totally uniform and does not present any type of borders or silhouettes, which is the case with the line that separates the two lower rectangular prints with the next two vertical rectangular prints, which now have a white border both in the upper and lower edge.The last stripe, the one that separates these vertical prints with the peak print, has the 3 prints of the 3 commented stripes combined: the double white border, the uniform black layer and the outlines of white dots on the inside

The finish of these two vertical prints is not unlike that seen in other models: 2 lines of yellow lines in a curved direction, with black silhouettes and gray surrounds around them. Within these 2 sketches they have 3 silhouettes of small flowers in the shape of diamonds, two of them tinted in blue and one in yellow, distinguished by the black outline of the interior of each one of them

Specifically, the lines that follow the v is similar to that of other models, coming across the floral outline, which is characterized by having a choppy arrangement since a part of it develops in the area of ​​the pockets until it reaches the sleeves, where it has a part of the flowers printed on it. The seeds and a group of the flowers are present in a blue tint. This color of flowers is free of any type of leaf, which is not the case with black flowers, which are covered by two large petals and 4 smaller petals. The larger ones are colored green and the smaller ones blue, surrounded by a black frame. The back of this kids dashiki sweatshirt is similar to the front

Girls African Dashiki Headband Sleeveless Romper Set

We find this prototype available only in Mercado Libre and stands out for being a single outfit that covers not only the torso but also both legs. Starting with the collar trim, it features vertical and horizontal linear embroideries with golden peak outlines, black horizontal stripes with dotted lines, green squares with curved corners, a horizontal line with two thick layers in white and a thin pink layer in the center

The following lines that are closer to the piece of fabric that overflows on the shoulders and the cocote of the neck, are printed by 4 horizontal lines that vary in the colors of their capes but not in the silhouettes in the center, where the sketches of peak in left and right direction in gold, and the white points in two lines of different shades

The edging that has the beak silhouettes stamped to the left, his cape is slightly more greenish and that of the sketch upside down, his cape is in a dark brown. The lines with dots inside one are in black and the other in light green . The following embroidery is characterized by having a triple border on both edges and vertical rectangular prints with different silhouettes inside.

The triple fence has two of those fences in a creamy hue and the line in between these two lines in dark blue. Within the rectangular patterns we see 3 types of sketches: rhombus silhouettes combined with triangles that look at each other, x-shaped silhouettes with gradient sketches on the right side, on one side, and on the left side, on the other side, with white gradients, and a final square pattern with curved tips

The rhomboidal figures are tinted in a triple stroke of green, white and dark blue, and the triangles here the smallest layer in light green and the largest in brown. The silhouettes of X have that X in dark brown, the lines of the x up and down in a lighter brown, and the circles, which at the beginning, in their nucleus, have a very light green and as we move away, the green is becoming somewhat more opaque. On both sides of this silhouette, it has outlines of semicircles being these in green and the borders in dark brown

This commented embroidery culminates in the spiral frame that varies between opaque, soft green colors , and a small layer of black, similar to many models of boys and girls. Finally, the area that adjoins the navel, the hips and the sleeves that cover the two legs are printed with a circular silhouette with a floral print, silhouettes with peak finishes with floral coating as well, linear and vertical embroidery on the right leg, and the core of the peak finish on the left leg

The design used in the horizontal rectangular prints on the right sleeve of this model does not vary either in the printed outlines or in the shades, similar to that seen in the busts area. The embroideries with peak silhouettes and their coatings also retain their style with the particularity that they all have a vertical arrangement . The color of the circle that adjoins the navel and that of the left sleeve of the leg are tinted in a somewhat opaque green, its petals are light green, which are all red flowers with golden rims, and the flowers in dull blue that lack petals and have a lighter blue rim

The nuggets are tinted in a dark blue, with a slight black rim, and all of them are covered with a dense white layer. The white layer of the circle on the left sleeve of the leg in which another series of seeds overflows, is also printed but is less dense. Specifying, on the edges of both sleeves, on the right it has a uniform pattern and on the other a few flower sketches, with the same finish and tonality mentioned.

Girls African Dashiki Head Bow Low Top Skirt Set

Another model in which we must thank ML. Its uniqueness within the segment as well as the sensual trousseau, make it an outfit that could not be missing in our dashikis section for children. This is the print style and shades used in each of the embroidery:

The predominant layer is sky blue in the 3 included packs of this product. In the front part of the petticoats together with the loose blouse, they form the classic v print with the peak located on the blouse and the rectangular project vertically along the skirt that is not fully visualized. Starting with the peak finish of the main silhouette, this one is tinted in dark red and inside it features the classic curved rustic outline. The following coatings, which occur not only here but throughout the entire silhouette, make up line designs that follow the stroke

And they are of 3 types: a uniform white line with another smaller line in the center of it in a yellow-greenish color. Next is a black stroke with silhouettes of squares in white and red. Then comes another narrower line in light green and, the last coated, is developed by a total uniform line in black tonality. Regarding the floral outline, the seeds, which still have white dotted outlines on the inside vertically, are colored in a dull gray like a series of flowers

These flowers are solitary and it is the black flowers that do have the petals and small leaves: The latter are painted white and the petals light green , with silhouettes of small seeds in a black outline inside each one. of them. The rectangular patterns inside the sketch are printed similar to other models: peak, rhombus …

You already know what we mean, the curved line at the beginning being in a red layer with figures of white seeds inside, the spiky ones on a white layer in yellow, the rhombuses in a triple black-red-white hue and in those of rhombuses with 4 semicircles in each of its corners, its predominant layer is red and the color of the silhouettes is yellow

The tracing that follows the shape of the innermost v varies from a duality of white-yellow-greenish to a red-yellow color , with yellow being the central line and the coating on both sides of this line being red. The core of the sketch is tinted red. At the back we can clearly see two highly visible silhouettes: the circles of less than a quarter of their diameter, that is, less than 90º degrees and the horizontal embroidery in spirals, vertical rectangles and lines drawn in a straight way and in an ascending and descending direction. forming peaks of triangles . The corner circles are printed in red and the floral outline does not vary except for the seeds, which here do overflow on a red layer and not in sky blue

A, let’s not forget: the circle on the sides has a curved path that follows the shape of the ring in a yellow hue. Finally, tell you that the spiral embroidery once again presents that duality of black-yellow overtones so classic and seen in many models, the linear lines developed in a triangular shape with the main layer in yellow and a double red and black border, the stripes Solid black ones vary in that some have outlines more separated from each other, in another more united, another without outlines and a line that has a beak silhouette looking to the left characterized by being somewhat opaque and degraded in white and yellow,overflowing all this on a white layer and surrounded by a black border on both edges

The headband has linear designs in black with and without silhouettes, in turn covering the linear trims with pink left and right-facing peak silhouettes on blue and white layers , and a final linear stroke with the main layer in pink and downward sloping white triangles silhouettes. This beak silhouette, characterized by having horizontal lines printed below the beak sketch and separated by vertical stripes of white in some and blue in others, has the peculiarity that in the embroidery of the white ribbon the pink is more opaque and in blue it is less opaque

Long Sleeveless African Dashikis Dresses for Girls

Mercado Libre and Amazon re-enter the scene. In both stores you have for sale these two long fitted dashiki dresses for children. Both are characterized by having prints of a quarter of circles, semicircles, vertical spiral frames, horizontal rectangles in a vertical embroidery as well, an integral silhouette of circumference with openings at the top and bottom in the shape of a peak and floral prints.

That said, let’s see what tones are dyed in each of the prints present in the red and black range of the long sleeveless African dashiki dress for girls:

African Dashiki Girls Long Sleeveless Maxi Dress in Black

The sleeves that overflow on the shoulders present the embroidery present in the rectangles, with a style that is not at all different from what has been seen and discussed so far. In the part of the breasts, on the right hand we see an embroidery that combines pictures of horizontal rectangles, a line with triangular outlines and a spiral border, both printed vertically.

While on the left, we see the semi-circumference silhouette split less than half, leaving 1/3 of it, its print is in orange, its curved line of the interior in yellow and the flowers are in golden tones and others in black. Both flowers have a white border and the reddish buds have light green petals with a black border and 4 small black leaves with a white border.

The seeds have the main layer of black and a smaller seed silhouette inside is distinguished in white . In the circumferential silhouette with openings at the top and bottom, the tones of the flowers do not vary, in some of them the petals are in a more opaque green and in others in a less opaque green . The remaining coating is similar to other models: seeds, drawings in the form of vertical lines, rectangles and their circumference, in an orange color too

Going down to the part of the petticoats, on the upper right and left there is a figure of a quarter of a circumference, with a coating of seeds and flowers similar to the semi-hoop silhouette. Further down, on the edge of the petticoats, we see another two floral sketches in both corners but this time the circle is barely visible

Completing this model, on both sides of the mesh it uses 4 coatings: the outermost are the two spiral frames and within them we see the rectangles and their vertical embroidery on the right, and on the left, the rectangles vary to a horizontal print but his embroidery is still preserved vertically. The back of this model is the same in terms of the printed pattern style

Girls Red African Dashiki Sleeveless Maxi Dress

In this range, the tones and the printing of each of the silhouettes vary slightly: An example of this is in the part of the busts of the dress, where we change the semi-circle and the horizontal and linear embroidery for a hand-made peak finish. right, and a left hand 90 degree round finish

The layer of the 90ºC circle turns black, some seeds with the predominant layer in black and distinguished by a smaller seed line in blue . All the flowers are colored black, some having a green border and others in a blue pigment. Those with a green border have the petals printed in a greenish hue as well. In the black and red range the seeds of these outlines overflow on a white layer

The spike print on the right side has that rustic black silhouette inside in a dark cape hue. One detail that we missed commenting on are the sleeves that spill over our shoulders, both stylized in a more uniform design with a black finish and with subtle lines of white inside. It is the turn of the upper part of the saya, where we have printed a horizontal embroidery with silhouettes of vertical rectangles and covered by a double line:

A uniform black horizontal stripe with a white border on both edges and a stripe outlined with spiral silhouettes. Here we have silhouettes printed inside the rectangles that we do not see in the outline of the hoop with spike outs. His designs include a rhombus figure with his cape in blue , an outline of + with the 4 corners in white and squares with curved corners in a showy green. Below these embroideries, the finishing style used is almost the same as that of the black range:

A quarter circle embroidery, with its cape in dark green and sketches of seeds and flowers similar to the slightly smaller quarter half circle, located on the upper right side of the petticoat. On the left hand side and below, the silhouette of circles with v-shaped openings does not appear 100% complete as it happens in the black range, the lower point of it being almost completely split

The style used in each of the cladding does not differ at all from what is seen. The embroideries on the sides of the skirt also vary, having only a spiral frame, a black line with a white border on both edges, but this time in a vertical arrangement and not in the area of ​​the blouse as happens with the model of black dress, and a vertical embroidery with its rectangles printed at all times in a horizontal sense. The back of the dress remains the same except for the circles, which go from being at the top of the skirt corners to the bottom

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This African outfit is one of the most sold and demanded by customers. It stands out for having more or less pronounced V-edges and more or less wide. The style of the pattern can include uniform dyeing of fabric and conjunction of various shades. In turn, the V-style can be accompanied by more subtle or more pronounced ornaments, such as models with floral designs around it.

Speaking of the V style itself, in these ranges it can be printed with slight wrinkled lines or rectangles, of double tonality such as blue-orange, purple-orange, yellow-orange, red-black or cream-brown , to along its entire diameter

On the other hand, it also has piping at the ends of the sleeve. In what colors can the fabric and decorations of the dashiki men’s V-neck short-size t-shirts come made? The V ornaments can be in gold, black, white, blue, wine color, green or red as well as the trims, which are printed in the same pigment.

The colors of the fabric include black, orange, red, navy blue, white, brown or green

African Dashiki T Shirts For Men V Neck Long Size

The benchmark model of the entire dashiki range. This one, unlike the previous model discussed, is not so tight but rather loose and has coarser and more pronounced ornaments, where the color used in the fabric goes more unnoticed.

Before talking about the style of the print, the shades of the fabric of this prototype of African attire come in ranges of red, white, green, blue, yellow, orange, burgundy, dark blue, light green, royal pink, black, cyan, purple light pink, brown, gray or blue

The V-neck is dominated by a style with stitching of rectangles of different designs (in some yes and in others not). What stand out for their disparity, and depending on the color of the fabric, the tonality may vary

Let’s go with the sketch of the V. Imagine that you are going to write a V and to sketch it you use a pencil or several markers; Well, something like this is what happens in these men’s dashiki ranges:

They have solid lines of a single color combined, in turn, with a line of outlines of white dots inside, and then another thicker line in a tone that goes well with the color of the fabric. For example, in a green package, more a golden line is better and a white color is better with more subtle tones.

In the outer zone of the V we see a kind of triple coating: the seed, the leaves, the stems and the flower. The shades of the seeds, leaves, stems and flowers vary depending on the color present in the tissue. The diversity is infinite and we could write you the very bible if we mentioned all the existing sets. This coating gives a special touch to the V, making it more attractive to it and the garment.

Finally, we must emphasize both the trims on the sleeves, as well as the bottom and sides of the dashiki shirts for men with a V-neck in long size:

It has projected lines of different sizes with different shades. In turn, these stripes can be accompanied by sketches inside of different styles. A clear example is the models that it has in the part furthest from the end of the sleeve, with rectangles of different patterns and shades, and several lines followed by each other.

This type of pattern is the same at the lower end of the length of the fabric (the fabric that is at the height of your intimate parts) and on the sides, with the particularity that it is in a vertical arrangement

African Dashiki T-shirts for Men V Neck Long Sleeve Plus Size

It isn’t a t-shirt as such but a shirt, although we wanted to put the seal of a t-shirt since shirts are also sold and the style of printing used in those shirts differs from this model that we comment on here.

This range is sold on Etsy and the print style used is the same as the previous model that we discussed, with the double peculiarity that they are dashiki shirts for men with V-neck not short sleeves, but long sleeves , keeping everything moment her fitted loose

And the embroidery on the sleeves, which is dominated by the presence throughout its diameter of patterns of rectangles in a horizontal arrangement , dyed in different shades and with different outlines and combined, in turn, by vertical lines of also different pigments and sketches, culminating in the wrist area with a design of 2 lines of uniform colors and 2 lines with different kinds of sketches, in a horizontal arrangement

African dashiki sweatshirts for men long size and short sleeve hooded

The seam inking used in these models is similar to what we specifically mentioned above, with the only particularity that they are fitted in sizes L, XL, XXL and XXXL , so we are in front of a looser African outfit, perfect to wear it to a street style or on hot days where sweating our body is essential

The shades used in the fabric of the dashiki t-shirts for men of long size and short sleeves with hood are available in blue, purple, green, red, black, light green, orange and cream.

African dashiki sweatshirts for men short size long sleeve hooded

The sweatshirts of a lifetime. The stamping style used predominates in particular 1, which stands out for having a circle outline with a pointed finish that comes out of the centric zone in the lower part of the circumference. From this finish, pointed outlines stand out, one on top of the other, until they reach the part of the floral print so characteristic of dashiki

On the sleeves of this model, there are 2 styles of prints: the circle with the pointed protrusion in a horizontal arrangement and a more pronounced or less pronounced circle. Along this border we have the well-known rectangular horizontal and floral finishes in a vertical arrangement

Depending on the color of the dashiki shirt for men of short size and long sleeves with hood, the ranges of these pointed finishes and the circumference will vary, being consistent and that they combine well with the prints and the fabric. What colors do we have available? The classic black could not be missing, with a V finish in a golden hue and a red circumference, this being one of the most demanded but there are many more:

Fitted, long-sleeved dashiki men’s sweatshirts in yellow with bluish ornaments, in blue with light-colored trims, in purple with gold trims, in orange with greenish finishes, in red with purple circumference and a warm-toned V, and green with a dark red circumference, and a V in yellowish and greenish tones

African dashiki jackets for men with hood

Another masculine dashiki model sold entirely on Etsy, featuring a V-print style at the base of the headcover and a corrugated style on both shoulders and navel.

At the beginning of the hood of the dashiki jacket for men, it starts with the deferred lines in various outlines, all the way to the rectangles, also with different patterns, printed in a vertical position. All these rectangles form the well-known “V”, and if we look further back, that extra touch is given by forming another larger v with the floral print.

All this is tinted in a golden hue, with red and green echoing presence

African dashiki jackets for men without hood

The kind of print used in this dashiki blazer for men without a hood differs from the rest because it uses the two styles most typical of this African garment in the fabric:

The 1st is that of the circumference with a slight pointed protrusion in a reddish hue and on the other hand, the uninterrupted succession of lines of different sizes and with different styles of prints, and of rectangles with different outlines, accompanied by pink, purple, yellow and green

The 2nd is the circular finish consisting of a floral design on the right side of the model and on both sleeves of the jacket, almost adjoining the wrist area.

On the sleeves of the men’s dashiki jacket without a hood, start with a succession of horizontal rectangles in the area of ​​the clavicle, until it reaches the elbow area. The presence of rectangles followed by each other, is accompanied by coatings in a kind of vampire horns (which we speak of its great resemblance to the shape of a flower)

Slim Fit African Dashiki Shirts For Men Short Sleeve

These models are less in demand than long-sleeved ones, but they don’t go unnoticed for that. Here you have it all and that is why it had to be included. The finish of the neck in the fitted dashiki t-shirts for men, reminds us of the style of a polo shirt, with its double button panel and its construction in a black seam

The shades in which they are printed are green and redDepending on whether they are printed in that greenish or reddish pigment, the shades of the print will vary.

In the men’s green short-sleeved fitted dashiki shirt, the triple V coating stands out, followed by the uniform red hue, the “seed” finish in white, and then a thin line in light green covering the well-known rectangular finish of different sketches and shades

Slim Fit African Dashiki Shirts For Men Short Sleeve Long Size

A novel variant fresh from the oven and brought by Aooword-men clothes . Its style is the same as that of a conventional shirt that you have surely ever used: a series of buttons in the center, a fit slightly longer than normal and the finish of the neck.

The styles are what are printed on these short-sleeved and long-size men’s fitted dashiki shirts are of up to 5 different classes : The first of them is the circular finish in a tone of fire with pointed protrusion, but this time the circle is more through the center, and not higher as in other models. The coating of this pattern is the seed in a white color and the color of the fabric in purple

The sleeves have a red visor with rectangular outlines of the same style, in a yellow tone and culminating with light lines, also in red, in the area that adjoins your own arm. The part that ends with the hip has a circular finish with floral projections around it and the same finish that we see on the sleeves, in the part that adjoins the quadricep.

Another model is the circular pointed dyeing, but this time covered by floral horn prints in red and blue tones. The circumference is red and the part that covers it comes in yellow, orange and blue tones. The sleeves have circles with flowers, as you have seen in the previously commented garment

The range that we will discuss below is similar to the 1st, with the particularity that the pigment of the fabric is made in yellow and the sleeves, covered by lines and rectangles of different sketches, are printed in a pink color and the pointed radius finish has its base in a colorful pink, and a coating in light green, dark green and gray seeds

Another similar model is sold but with a black fabric, finished in the rectangular and linear sleeves, with red tones. The circle that stands out from both sides in a pointed shape, comes in an intense red color and is covered by yellow horizontal lines, rectangles with different patterns and in warm tones, settled by the extra touch of the seeds, this time dyed in shades of brown. dark conjoined, in turn, with white

And we finish with the flagship of this garment and endorsed by many: the slim fit red dashiki shirt for men in short sleeves and long fitted. It has three tinted colors, from highest to lowest intensity:

The first one is the red used in the sewing of the fabric. Then comes the yellow and black finish, present in the flower leaf prints, and the yellow finish in the circular line that covers the core of the pointed finish. And finally the white seeds, from which the black and yellow stems of the flower stand out.

The pointed finish begins with the red hue of the center round, followed by the high contrast formed by the lines, one in yellow and the other in black, on the radius of the circumference. Then comes another thicker line in a lighter red, with curved outlines in parallel and in the same direction, culminating in a thin line in a lighter red and covered in two directions by a thinner line without outlines and a thicker one. with sketches, in a red textile dye

Slim Fit African Dashiki Shirts For Men Long Sleeve

This dashiki model for men is undoubtedly a bestseller. The number of existing models is proof of this. It is worth highlighting the model offered by the Etsy brand , a dashiki shirt for men with a main layer in an earthy red hue.

The pattern used is that of a ring, located slightly above the pectoral area and with a protruding beak, up to the navel. The pigment of the circumference comes in a dark gray, but where it really stands out in the garment is in the coating that presents the circumference with the peak that protrudes from its interior:

Up to 8 different patterns, between lines of different sizes and patterns, ending with the presence of various flowers along the coating. The colors present in the 8 prints of the long-sleeved fitted dashiki shirts for men are: yellow, green, red and blue.

Finally, on the sides it has three lines with golden V outlines, two with the v backwards and one with the right v. In each corner it has circular and floral sketches, also present on both sleeves. In another giant store we see up to 5 different models of fitted dashiki shirts for men. What styles of prints do each of them have?

The Familizo brand brings us the layer of its shirts in red, blue, white and black tones It has a V-style with up to 4 different outlines, whose tonality differs depending on the color of the cape. In the area of ​​the navel and on both sides it has, on the one hand, this sign < in a golden color within purple lines. So until reaching 4. And, finally, in the area below the navel it has 5 leaves, one of them in a light color and the others in dark tones.

We still have a few brands to comment on, so let’s go now with Aooword-men clothes. The ranges present in their shirts are 2 classic: the black and the white

In the black garment, it has a V with outlines in the shape of ^ in 4 of its rectangles in gold tones, within a red seam. Then we see another rhomboid outline in a greenish tone. This is followed by three lines, one in gray, another in green and another in earthy red , to finally finish off the seeds in a triple hue: blue, black and gray. In addition, it has coatings of a more considered V in a grayish hue and floral prints in purple and red

And the white garment? What differs it from the black model? The larger V, instead of being grayish, is tinted in a red hue. The pattern used inside does not differ too much, only in the tone used in one of the strokes. One of the uncommented elements is the edging present on the button panel of both models. In the white garment of this shirt the layer of this edging is slightly redder and the v in a more saturated tone, while in the black garment the layer of the edging is somewhat darker and less saturated

The long-sleeved dashiki shirt for men from the Chinese brand DianShaoA has, on the one hand, the button panel with the pointed African hoop print, this being in a red pigment. The chain is accompanied by a thin golden line and another of larger dimensions, with circular outlines.

Then come 4 more lines, the first being in purple blue, another in orange with 10 rectangles in its interior in brown tones, another line in light green where an infinity of thin lines of very short size stand out, followed by more robust stripes with squared outlines, until culminating with another fine print in dots where the seeds or pips stand out in a purple color

At the end of the sleeves and at the end of the length of the fabric, it is finished with 3 different prints, one with a purple diamond design in vertical and horizontal arrangement, another with 3 finishes in red and another in an orange floral style.

Another of the long-sleeved dashiki shirts for men is the one that another Chinese brand brings us called Liuxing-Tumi , made in dark blue, white, black and red shades . In the blue dashiki shirts, the navel trims are in reddish and purple tones, in the white shirt in gray, black and orange tones, in the black shirt in pink, yellow and black tones, and the red one in royal blue and red . And how does the V pattern vary in each of the shades of these LT models?

In the red shirt and the blue shirt, the rectangle patterns are of the same class, both having brown rectangles with ^ in gold, finished in orange dots, a kind of outlines emulating the Chinese letter and the peak, finished in spirals. Both sketches are printed in red. The seeds are the same color: white and blue , and the flower stalks in the blue shirt are red and in the red garment black. Lastly, the stems on the blue shirt are red and black on the red shirt

On the white shirt, the flowers are in total black and on the black they are also black, with a slight white line to make it stand out from the color of the cape. The V patterns are similar to those of the blue and red shirts, with the only difference that the rectangles with outlines ^ are in a lighter gray and one of the patterns of the white garment is in yellow and the black garment in a dark tone

The leaves of the flowers are the same color and the edges of the navel, in the white and black shirt are of the same tonality, with the particularity that the v inclined to the right is in the white shirt within a white layer, and in the black shirt inside a black cape

Another dashiki shirt for men with long sleeves is the double floral and heart design from the same brand discussed above. The shades of this shirt are found in blue, yellow, purple and red. It has up to 15 linear patterns, which are neither more nor less than different sequences of the V and the heart, which are born in the center of the torso and in the upper part of the pectoral

Starting with the neck area, the pattern style used is the same as that used inside the heart, and stands out for having a circle and just to the right a green nail finish . Then we see a thin line and a thicker one in black, being inside it hexagonal outlines and a double tonality: green and black. Next, we have a more pronounced line with a pattern of infinite lines and having a kind of wheel in the center

Finally, the heart and the V are an outline of weights with one of them being in gold the other in pink, both separated by a yellowish line. The final edging, printed in red and black pigments, reminds us of a hanger. These piping cover both the V and the heart and give it a unique eye-catcher. In the only shirt where the color of the hanger trims is blue, it is in the red shirt. This shirt has the thickest line in a more bluish hue. A V in black is found on the purple shirt. Other patterns that vary is on the yellow shirt, having the seed sketches in a black and white finish

One of the most outstanding dashiki shirts for men are those printed in floral V, the same that we discussed in the models of dashiki shirts with V-neck short size and long size. As they are the style of these shirts we do not need to tell you, because we will already talk in depth about it, but the different ranges of this type of dashiki shirt for men are available in colorful light green, royal blue, gold, in reds, purples and even in triple shades: white-amber-yellow and white-cyan-blue

African dashiki shirts or tunics for men with long sleeves and a large fabric size

The end of the fabric reaches almost the height of the knees, although it is not the tunic of pure strain that we can expect, it deserves to be sealed with this noun since we have not found another similar model and with a size longer than this

Huateng is responsible for giving us a unique male African trousseau in the market. In what shades is it made and what is its printing style? Shirt coat colors come in striking beige and classic black

As for the prints, in both visions they have the same sketch style used, consisting of a circumference with two pointed outlets, one up and the other down. The color of this roundness is red. Subsequently, this circle is separated by 7 sketches:

A thin golden line, a black line with dotted outlines, another blue line with outlines of small horizontal lines, a somewhat rougher line with outlines of rectangles of different patterns and shades (brown and light green), another line with small stripes horizontal lines in green, a line with larger and smaller dotted outlines, another dotted outline in a skin color and, finally, the known species of pipes in a purple color are covered by that already known floral pattern in purple and dark red

Both print styles have the same hues on both the men’s long-sleeved and plus-size beige dashiki shirts or tunics, as well as the long-sleeved and plus-size men’s black dashiki shirts or tunics.

African dashiki long pants for men

This manly range of dashiki is sold entirely on Ebay . The dashiki pants for men of long sizes have 3 patterns that differ from each other: in the waist area, in the center of the seam and the end of the trouser sleeves that borders the ankle. There are 12 models of pants in total, 6 of them with a white tonality

How are each of these pants distinguished? The first one has a waist with rectangle prints in a vertical position and 5 vertical stripes, as we see with all models. The shades of the patterns present in the rectangles and stripes are in a green, light green and orange

The circumferences of the center covered by flowers are present in an orange color, with some blue and orange flowers, and some orange petals. These outlines are present in the upper and lower corners, both on the left and on the right, of the front of the thigh and also, in the back of the knee

The area that adjoins the ankle presents the same pattern as the waist, with the particularity that the shade of green is darker, and culminates with 6 stripes of 4 different patterns: 2 lines of uniform dark green, 2 green lines with outlines of white dots, a center line of light green with outlines of sharp points in black and a solid line in orange. The seeds that cover the circumference are stained in a bluish hue, surrounded by a brown line

The 2 model of long white dashiki pants for men has the circumferences in green. Its seeds are dark brown and are in turn covered by a black line. The patterns of the vertical rectangles are similar, both in drawing and in tonality, to the first model discussed. The lines at the waist and bottom of the rectangles, and separating the 90 ° circles at the crotch, are gradually tinted from a more intense to a less intense blue.In this model, the blue flower remains intact, while brown is the hue used in other flowers. The leaves are still orange. One last note is that the part that borders the ankle and foot has the last line in an opaque blue and the circumference of the center is in blue with diagonal outlines in gold

We go with the third model. Waist: Rectangular prints of the same class, varying their color to darker shades of green and pink. The 2 gold stripes at the waist remain intact and the circle sketch line, located between the two upper corner circles and the rectangle sketches, comes with pink stitching. The silhouette of its interior continues to be kept in a yellow tone. Circumferences: In pink, with seeds with a green layer and covered by a pink line. The center circumference is present in an even more intense pink

And what are the flowers like ? Well, they come in shades of pink and dark shades of green and brown. A detail that we forgot to comment and that you present the flowers of the circumference located in the center, are the presence of 3 large flowers and two small ones, in intense pink. Finally, the sleeves at the lower end of the trousers maintain the styles and shades of prints used at the waist, with the particularity that the last sketches are dyed in a very intense pink, which contrasts with the line of warm tones present between these tones. so intense

And how do the 3 models that we have left vary? The corner circles are found in shades of gray, red and navy blue. The circumferences located in the crotch vary in reddish, yellowish and pink tones. In the flowers of a model we find them in green and dark blue, another in yellow and pink, and another in gray and pink. The leaves of the floral print are in orange colors. As for the seeds, the layers discern in pink, red and beige tones, covered by a black and navy blue line

Finally, in the extreme upper area (waist) and the extreme lower area (ankle) of these dashiki pants for men, the patterns do not vary but the tones used in each one do (except for the lines that adjoin with horizontal patterns, which vary in grayish and greenish tones): in one of the models we find them in shades that tend to red, another that tends to green, and a last model that tends to pink. The rectangular prints in vertical and horizontal arrangement of the crotch, vary in red tones, greenish tones and pink tones. Ending the sleeves

And this is how it happens with all the models, whether with the whites or the whole range: depending on the color of the garment, the appearance of the patterns varies. Ebay men’s dashiki long pants are available in shades of pink, purple, blue, green, yellow and white

There are 2 ranges of pants that are the same as the patterns used on the short and loose fitted T-shirts: the hoop with the peaks facing left and right, emerging from the left and right side of the roundel. The shade of the circumference is orange. The layer of the pants is green, and has horizontal patterns of different styles, as they happen in the garments discussed at the beginning: diamond sketches in yellow, black, orange and white, linear sketches in light blue and gold and, finally, the outlines of both ends of the v inclined to the right and left, with black spiral patterns on a red cape

The orbit stamping is covered by three horizontal lines, one of them being of a moderate size . The shades of these stripes come in green, yellow and black. The seeds come in gray colors, filled in with a black stroke. The flakes of this model are yellow and light blue. And lastly, the flowers come in dark gray and gray colors

We must make distinctions and similarities in both models: the stripes that are located on the silhouettes of vertical rectangles, are of the same kind of pattern and tonality, both in one and the other. They are present in red, yellow and orange hues. The sketches of the vertical rectangles are the same, present in orange and yellow ranges, with the only peculiarity that one of the patterns is orange in one model and gray in another.

The same happens with the horizontal prints located near the feet and with that commented tonality. Above and below these patterns we see the classic sketches that emulate the sign of “update”, in strong gold on a black layer. The linear finishes at the lower end of both trouser sleeves have the same kind of pattern and tonality, present in black, yellow, white and red tones.

Tell you that the second available model has its cape in a pink color, causing the circumference of the center and the pointed protrusions to vary in their tonality: the center circle is present in a sky blue color, the vertical patterns have diamonds in blue and greenish. and the beak prints feature black circular outlines on a blue cape. The petals are also yellow and blue. The seeds are in the same tone as a group of the flowers, a cream color surrounded by a black line, and another group of flowers with black lines.

The last 4 models to comment are similar to the white pants with circumferences, with their differences both in the tones used in the uniform layer of the pants, as in each of the sketches. Referring to the cape itself, we have them for sale in purple, yellow, sky blue and green tint

The purple dashiki pants for men have the circular outline of the center in an orange tone, light green seeds with a black outline, blue and green petals, and dark green and brown flowers. Illustrations on the waist and bottom of the pants are present in shades of yellow, orange, green and red

On the other hand, in the yellow dashiki pants for men, they have purple corner circles, with purple seeds and a tiny yellow cape, blue petals, and green and black flowers. The horizontal silhouettes from above and below tend to softer colors divided between blues and light pinks.

In conclusion, the dashiki pants in sky blue and green for men have circumferences in red and orange, seeds in light green and brown colors, flowers in brown and green. In the patterns of the waists of both models, the tonality of two of the lines and the vertical rectangles changes slightly

In the sky blue garment, it has some outlines in lighter oranges, which does not happen in the green garment, since it has outlines in darker oranges. One of the patterns of the rectangle is preserved in both pants and another. The same happens in the part that adjoins the ankles. And the final part of the pants, the linear patterns maintain both their shape and their tonality.

African dashiki shorts for men

Or rather known as the dashiki swimsuits for men of short size. Thanks to ZQHRS, AZXGGV and GOSMAO you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, accompanied by men’s short-size pants with traditional dashiki prints. And in different colors and styles. Which are?

The dashiki swimsuits for men of short size from ZQHRS , comprise 2 styles of sketches: The first is in a more pronounced V-style, with the V-neck or V being less pronounced in the second model. The first swimsuit with the most pronounced peak, has said V in a golden color on a black bathing suit cape. The rectangles inside the V are of 4 types: one in v inclined upwards in golden tones, others in horizontal rhombuses with black and gold pigments, and others with outlines of 3 thicker diamonds, also in the same tones.

The innermost V of this model has 3 different sketches combined by black and grayish colors: one in a solid tone, another with small squares filled with black and white lines, and a line crossed out by horizontal stripes printed on a grayish seam. The seeds come in a brown color on top of a white coating and the floral design is tinged with leaves in pure yellowish and yellow mixed with black, and flowers in a less opaque black and others in a warm shade of yellow. On both sleeves of the swimsuit it has the floral style on a red circumference

The second model is somewhat simpler in terms of the texture of the prints and the prints themselves: the white dashiki swimsuit for short-size men has 5 types of prints. Starting from the entrails of the less pronounced V peak, we have dunes with light black lines accompanied by the black line of a heart and curved edges on both sides of the heart. Next, it has a thicker stripe in a peach color, and within it it has small rectangular edges of more bass or treble tones of the peach, culminating in a series decoration of black semicircles.

It is then separated by a dark line with black lines and the seeds, which are purple in color and are covered by a thick line in white and a thinner line in black. The floral design of this swimsuit is accompanied by two types of flowers: the classic used in African prints and another more conventional flower. Conventional flowers are the same color as the seeds, while the others are dyed a dark brown. Flower petals come in shades of orange and bluish

The print on the sleeves of the swimsuit consists of 7 kinds of outlines: the first is the one that borders the horizontal rectangle area, and it is a design emulating the rustic in a green tone with curved lines and a light line, 4 outlines of thin lines: one thicker in orange with white dots, another thinner with a purple layer and white dots, another of the same color but with green dots, and another also of the same color with slightly curved lines in the same sense. We finish with the 2 most striking sketches: the rhomboid design, with the internal part in purple and the external part in a light green. Tell you that on the sides it also includes the floral design on an orbit

We now go with the range of dashiki pants for men of short size of the AZXGGV brand . They have two models of swimsuits and are characterized by having a more striking, daring and bizarre pattern than the previous models discussed. That said, what does the first male swimsuit prototype offer us? The design in a V considered in shades of deep blue, black and white . The rectangular outlines are similar to those found in other models and the seed bones come in a black range on a white outline.

The most surprising thing is that along the fabric of the sleeve where your two legs are located, it has up to more than 10 different types of outlines: finished in square, circle, rhombus (in vertical and horizontal arrangement), isosceles triangles, small and large dots, little hearts looking up … A everywhere of patterns that you only need to hold in your hands to enjoy looking at it and carrying it wherever you go! Of course, on the sides it could not be made without the circular finish covered with seeds, the same type and hue of the V present in the center of the swimsuit.

The second model of this brand, in our opinion, is less striking than the first swimsuit,but it is still a range that stands out for its eye-catching and daring: the center V-design is printed in warm tones that throw off dark reds and oranges. The patterns of the rectangles inside the V are similar, separated by two lines, one with a black line with small dots on a white line, and the other with a red layer with a line crossed out by an infinity of horizontal lines in a golden tone. . The seams of the seeds come on a black line in red, joined by an additional fabric in white. Both the petals and the flowers come in the same tone and pattern: shades that tend more to orange than black so that it stands out against the color of the seam of this second model, which is a navy blue

Throughout the AZXGGV men’s dashiki swimwear models , 8 different types of circular outlines are printed : The two uppermost circles, have a first printed in triangular designs that go in one direction and another, and are dyed in shades red, green and blue. Then we go with a uniform yellow stroke that follows slight upward and downward movements. Below is a radial design of hearts in dark tones on a pronounced white line and, finally, ^ that symbol is used that we write to you always following the same direction and are dyed in green, orange and blue pigments

In the middle part it has two circles of the same type of pattern, but with fewer patterns than the circles above: the first sketch has a rhombus with strokes of small triangles, accompanied by another very small rhombus where in the upper part it has a downward facing triangle, and at the bottom you have an upward facing triangle. The tones present in this first stroke are white, blue, green and red

Further inside the circumference, it is accompanied by another succession of triangles looking not only up and down, but also looking to the left and right side. The shades present are green, blue and a lighter blue. It is followed by 3 inverted U-shaped designs, one being right, one sloping downwards and in the left direction and another inclined sloping downwards in the right direction. The shades of these U are green, orange and red

The part that adjoins the intimate areas, has 2 circular outlines with different kinds of patterns: The one located to the right of the leg, has a first diamond design in light green, on a grayish line and a dot on the orange center. Entering in a circular sketch, we see the sketch of a figure that emulates the petals that come out of a flower, these leaves being in a navy blue color and the innermost flower with another protrusion of smaller petals, and in orange and black tones.

The second circular sketch has 3 different patterns: a first drawing of fangs lying down facing left with orange, gray and green lines. In the orange fang it has another small yellow fang, in the gray fang another more restrained fang in orange and a green fang with a smaller dark gray fang. The line used inside these fangs is the same that we see in the larger circles, located in the part that adjoins the hip

We have three little circles left: the one that is split in half and that borders the crotch, and the two that are located perpendicularly below, which we discussed in the first paragraph. The crotch ring is not far from what has already been seen in the model: a succession of triangular outlines facing downwards and diamonds in a horizontal arrangement, the triangles tinted in blue and the diamonds, with black lines and a gold dot, manufactured in a colorful red and light green. On this roundabout it is finished with quadrilaterals, in the center of which it has a black dot. The quadrilaterals are printed in shades of green and red

Finally, the two circles present at the lower end of the trouser sleeves have two clearly differentiated patterns: the one located on the right sleeve uses the rhombus design with outlines of greenish triangles, another very small rhombus with a triangle inclined towards down and up, in other words, the same outline used in the outermost part of the circles in the middle, while in the innermost part uses the petal in orange and black, similar to what we see in the circular outline of the right, located in the area that adjoins the private parts.

On the other hand, the left circumference has a first design of downward-inclined triangles in grayish and orange tones, then other triangular outlines inclined upward, with bluish and orange pigments, culminating with 6 small diamonds: two vertically. , two inclined downwards (one in the left direction and one in the right direction) and two inclined upwards, in the right and left direction. At the ends of the sleeves it has the usual: a floral finish in reddish tones and the sides covered with red circles on red seeds, in a light black line and another more noticeable line in white.

The dashiki pants for men of short size come from the hand of GOSMAO , emulate that of the design of the dashiki shirts for men with a V-neck of fitted and elongated size: A sober design with a shade of sky blue fabric and accompanied with a marine blue circumference, with peak protrusions and different coating patterns

The first 4 stripes have cream, green and black outlines, with uniform outlines and white dots. The rectangles present within the pointed circular outline have 4 of them with rhombus patterns in the center, and triangles on the right and left side of these polygons, another purple rectangle with sequences of v, in an almost 100% opaque white pigment. In the right and left central area that covers the rounded parts of the figure in the center, it has stripes stamped in a cream color with triangular outlines looking up, down, and so on following the same arrangement.

In the upper and lower corners of the swimsuit we have on the seeds, leaves and petals of the flower, the classic circumferences of this African textile sketch. The flowers are divided into two colors: in white lines of a solid red color and others with the same line in a black pigment, a group of leaves that are completely yellow and another group of leaves, in which some come in a solid yellow , and others in yellow and blue combined. The seeds are printed in a brown on a subtle layer of white

African dashiki tank tops for men short size

This men’s dashiki model is sold “on the spot” on Etsy . It stands out for having a uniform textile seam in a black color on the back of the garment and the V print with its characteristic floral border, and that we have commented to you everywhere. But what is the male African dashiki sleeveless shirt like?

The printed pattern style is one of the most minimalist and simple of all the models that are sold on the Internet. The front layer of the tank top is red . Inside the peaked sketch, it has 4 different sketches printed: one that emulates the rustic design, another with a fine line of dots at the top, another with 4 lines, being 3 points and one uniform, ending with two ramp sketches vertical

Each of these sketches is tinted in a sober black hue. It is separated by 3 types of strokes , where one has a succession of small rhombuses drawn on a red layer, another series of squares, somewhat further apart than the rhombuses, on a black layer, and a last black stroke of larger dimensions

Leaving this sketch, we see the germs or seeds that you already know well about this African line. They are of a very dull or opaque black color and from here, we have the flower prints, where a group of them are in a total black color and others in an almost opaque black

African dashiki suits or blazers for men

On Alibaba and Etsy we found 2 dashiki blazers for men: a dashiki suit for men in a black shade over a purple cape , and another men’s dashiki suit in dark brown. In the latter, it has two prints of the same size, with circular outlines where elongated peaks come out above and below, covered by different layers until they reach the floral borders so well known in this African garment.

The tonality of the circumference of the Etsy model is made in dark brown. Subsequently, it is lined by a thin golden line that spans the entire length of the sketch. This is followed by a thicker black line with golden dots and another line of the same size with a succession of small horizontal lines on a solid vertical line.

Then we come to the well-known horizontal vertical prints. Unlike other models, the shades of the prints have more opaque colors that tend to brown. The sketches of these prints are similar to those of all the models that we comment on. Another line, similar to the blue one that we discussed above, is used but this time in a green hue on an orange stroke. Finish the print with a black line and a black stripe combined with thick and fine dots. The seeds are purple, the flower petals are imprinted in shades of fire, and the flowers are red and purple.

What about Alibaba’s men’s dashiki blazer? The first thing is the color of the sleeves and the cape: The sleeves are made in black and the cape in purple. The pattern used is similar to that used in the Etsy range, but has some differences:

It only has one protrusion in V and not two, the vertical rectangular patterns are different, and instead of having a solid color on the sides, it has the same pattern cut in half. The circumference of the pattern is red, the next 4 coated are two in black, differentiated by one uniform and others with dots, and two in green, one with black lines and the other with green gradients.

The patterns bordering the hoop are located on top of a solid brown cape, and throughout it have triangular silhouettes looking up and down. These outlines go in the same direction and within these triangles, they have outlines of flattened circles.

All this is woven in a golden textile. The rest of the sketches are similar to those of other African trousseau, and in addition to being present in brown tones, they are also present in orange and light green colors . The petals and the flowers of the 4 patterns, 3 of them on the front and 1 on the back, are present in green and brown the flowers, and in light green and brown the petals

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🌍 What is African Dashiki?

It is an outfit of African origin with printed linear sketches, rectangles, seeds, leaves, flowers, circles and semicircles in different colors

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