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Unisex dashiki long and short sleeve hooded sweatshirts

Another page on our website where gender does not matter, it only matters that you have it. And it is that these sweatshirts were designed to be dressed by both men and women. They are peculiar given their notching, very elongated, the type of hood that is sewn and the notching of the garment in this way, very elongated too.

It is a model designed to be worn in the most historical or artistic alleys of the place where you live. If you have tight black pants and white sneakers with a high sole, perfect. We propose something to you:

Take a picture of yourself (covering your face), if you don’t want us to see your face, with the phone from below and the landscape that we told you above to be seen in the background. The best photos will be uploaded here, to, and the best catalog of dashiki sweatshirts with long fitted and short sleeves with hood for men and women you have it just seconds away. Sight:

Why buy the dashiki long and short sleeve hoodie sweatshirts for men and women in our online store?

From disruptive colors in green to a sophisticated color and prepared for you to be the object of views of everything such as the conjunction of black with different light tones. These sweatshirts have a detail that until now we have not told you:

The inclusion of two pockets on both sides of the garment, but not the typical pocket seen in conventional sweatshirts. These have pockets of considerable dimensions, like those of a cowboy, so that you have everything in one: carry objects, class and protect yourself from the rain with your hood

Dress in a truly urban look and rise to the high places by getting some of the dashiki sweatshirts with elongated waists and short sleeves with pockets that you will only find on our page! A few hours of delay and… voila! You will have it in your dear hands 😊